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Oracle Gold Partners, training schedule is listed here designed by Five Star Rated Oracle Press Authors & Oracle ACE's.

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The overall flow of the SLA can therefore be depicted as shown in image below.

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Overall, when you create new definitions in SLA, you can follow the bottom up model.
The parallel flow on top, as shown in image below is to ensure both a Credit and Debit line gets created for a Journal.

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Anil Passi


0 #1 Shokoofeh 2010-12-07 00:48
First of all,thank you for all your kinds.the pictures do not show.:(
0 #2 Anil Passi- 2010-12-07 09:49
I guess your company firewall is blocking http://docs.google.com
0 #3 Sheena Sidhu 2011-01-25 21:23
Anil - we seem to be getting XLA errors - sometimes when un-reserving a PO and sometimes during funds check/reserving a PO. Have you seen that with v12?

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