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In previous article we have seen that in SLA, the "Application Accounting Definition" is created for each module in EBusiness Suite. However, in any implementation there is a need to perform accounting across various different modules. For example, a company named "APPS2FUSION UK" might be running Payables and Receivables and also Project Accounting. Hence we need to create a SLAM [Subledger Accounting Method] that will take care of generating the Accounting journal lines for each of the module.  Hence a SLAM is nothing but a grouping of all the AAD's possibly for a given chart of account.  

Using AAD we specify the Journal creation rules per module. In SLAM we specify the applications/modules for which the Journals must be built for the entire organization such as "APPS2FUSION UK" across Payables and Receivables and Project Accounting. The decision of whether the journal must be created is delegated to the AAD. As for how the journal is constructed and how the accounts are derived is delegated to the Journal Line Definition.

The company such as "APPS2FUSION UK" will have a legal entity in UK, and hence the SLAM will be attached to the UK Legal Entity.

In the image below we are creating a SLAM named ANIL_SLAM, and attaching the AAD named ANIL_PAYABLES. This is a simplistic example, because in reality you will have the AAD's of other applications like Receivables , Project Accounting, Fixed Assets etc attached to the SLAM as well.

In the above image, click on Accounting Setups, and here you can attach the SLAM to a Ledger. To remind you, in R12, the Ledger is equivalent of set of books in 11i.

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