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We have thus far seen the basic fundamentals and a simplistic scenario of Subledger Accounting. In the example that we saw, we created components required for the SLA configuration from ground zero. That is also known as the bottom up approach, where you build the lower level components and then move up the chain to attach your SLA configuration to your Ledger[11i SetOfBook equivalent in R12].  
However you never ever use that approach in real life for modules such as Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Cash Management, Oracle Fixed Assets or Oracle Project Accounting etc. The reason is that, SLA comes pre-configured for all the widely used modules in the EBusiness Suite. All the commonly used rules are already seeded into the SLA config by Oracle, hence all you need to do is to customize those components.

Before we see the steps for customization of SLA, let us first do some questions and answers

Question - I can customize the account generator in Procurement and Fixed Assets. Do I really ever need to customize “Subledger Accounting” in such cases?
Answer- The pre-configured SLA by Oracle will use the accounts generated in respective modules as the source. The seeded ADR's will in most cases return the very same accounts that are generated in the respective modules. Effectively "garbage in garbage out", or you can say "quality of the account that goes into SLA, and the same quality accounts are then sent to General Ledger". The message from seeded SLA in most cases is “What you feed to SLA will also be fed into the Oracle General Ledger”. Therefore if you have already customized the account generation workflow in the respective module then you do not require customization in SLA. In fact, the customizations on the seeded SLA configurations must be kept to bare minimum. Although SLA provides you with ability to override accounting definition, however the main reason for creation of SLA was to implement multiple shadow accountings against ledgers.

Question - If all the respective modules can generate accounting properly then why is SLA really needed?
Answer - Well, the main reason behind creation of SLA itself was to create shadow journals for secondary ledger. Please see the Part 1 in this series of articles.

Now let us take the example for customization of an existing SLA definition pre-seeded by Oracle in R12. In this example, a SLAM named STANDARD_ACCRUAL is attached to the Ledger [Set Of Book equivalent of 11i ]. As you will notice from the image below, many modules such as Leasing, Loans, Cash Management, Payables etc are attached to this SLAM. However we are interested in modifying just the Payables piece of this SLAM. Create a copy of this SLAM as shown in the image below. We will create a SLAM named ANIL_SLAM__STANDARD_ACCRUAL which happens to be the exact copy of SLAM named STANDARD_ACCRUAL.

Now create new entry for Payables within the copied SLAM, i.e. new SLAM will

Now you have created a new SLAM. In this SLAM, end date the AAD assignment of Payables and add a new entry for Payables. Note that we still have AAD named "Accrual Basis" attached. However after we copy the "Accrual Basis" into a custom AAD, we will then return to this screen in order to replace "Accrual Basis" by custom AAD. Click on "Application Accounting Definition" button.

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Now, click on copy, and this time we will copy the AAD definition named “Accrual Basis” to create a new AAD named ANIL_STD_PAYABLES_STD.

The new AAD will be called ANIL_STD_PAYABLES_STD as shown below. Click on button labelled Done to complete the Copy operation for the AAD.

Now this new AAD has been created. Before we customize this AAD, we need to ensure that this AAD has been attached to the custom SLAM that we created in Step 1 of this article.

Now, back to the SLAM screen, for the custom SLAM, for Payables AAD assignment record, we attach the custom AAD to Payables. Please note that the Payables entry that is attached to custom AAD named “Accrual Basis” has now been end dated, as shown in image below.

Now go back to AAD, by clicking on Application Accounting Definition button as per the image above.

Follow the instructions as per images below

Now copy the Journal Line Definition itself.
The image below shows how the custom/copied journal line definition will be modified. Our idea here is to attach a custom ADR for the generation of an account.

The name of the copied JLD will appear as below.

Attach the custom ADR as shown below
And now attach your custom Journal Line Definition to the custom AAD.

This completes the cycle for customization of the pre-seeded SLA configuration.


Anil Passi


0 #1 Joy 2010-12-18 04:13
Hi Anil,
Thanks for the post. By this example we can override the Liability account that is generated in AP itself, (rather than the shdow account to be sent to GL). Please confirm.
Also, if we customize Account generators as well as SLA, which of the accounting will hold precedence while getting generated in Sub ledgers ?

0 #2 Anil Passi- 2010-12-18 05:28
Hi Joy

The accounts generated within the Payables do not change, these new accounts are captured in SLA tables and then transferred to GL.

An il Passi
0 #3 Joy 2010-12-18 10:35
Hi Anil,

By customizing Project Account generators , we are able to change the accounting for Project related Supplier Invoices within AP(Not SLA).
So in the same manner will we not be able to customize project related invoice account generation in AP ?. If we are not able to change the accounting generation within AP , then SLA will not be able to completely replace customization of Accounting generators. Can you please comment on this .

0 #4 Shokoofeh 2011-01-04 02:12
Hi Dear Anil,
First of all,Happy new year and thank you for your excellent articles.we are migrating to R12,I want to know,there is api for char of accounts?If yes,how we can use it?
Sh okoofeh
0 #5 Arun Sircar 2011-01-13 23:28
Hi Anil,

When do we actually need to have a custom source without which we cannot customize SLA? Also can you give some 5 0r 6 examples of situations when SLA would be useful. Thanks,

0 #6 Shokoofeh 2011-01-17 02:49
Hi Anil,
Thanks for the post, Are there such this good post for setting up cost managements?
Re gards,
Shokoofe h
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0 #8 Biren 2011-05-20 11:05
Hi Anil,

Hope you are well, I am looking at pushing transaction from Inventory to a seperate GL account code for a particular type of sub-inventory.

Would you recommend SLA changes?.

Rega rds

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0 #14 Rashmi Adikane 2012-01-27 15:44
Hi Anil
I am trying to modify Addtion Cost Rule in Fixed Asset; I want one of the segment value (in my case is PROJ which is seg9) get overwritten by AP Clearing PROJ code. I have tried to modify the rule definition to use the source as "Asset Clearing Account Code Combination Identifier" but I am not seeing the PROJ code coming from this Asset Clearing Account Code Combination

A ny suggestions
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0 #20 Arun A 2013-02-06 16:59
Hi Anil,

For the payable invoice we are creating the liability is an entity say '63000' and it has 3 expense distributions "60001", "60002", "60003".
Each of the distributions have amount 700, -100, 400 respectively. The intercompany accounting created in Subledger was different. Only for this scenario.

[Our COA structure is Legalentity(bal ancing segment).produc t.costcenter.na turalaccount.in tercompany.futu re]


60001.1111.360 01.10105.00000. 00000 Item Expense USD DR 700.00

60003.1111.360 01.11210.00000. 00000 Item Expense USD DR 400.00

63000.9499.370 01.25120.00000. 00000 Liability USD DR 100.00

63000.9499.370 01.25120.00000. 00000 Liability USD CR 1100

60002.1111.360 01.11210.00000. 00000 Item Expense USD CR 100

63000.9499.370 01.14010.60001. 00000 Intercompany USD CR 700

60001.9499 .37001.14010.63 000.00000 Intercompany USD DR 700

63000.9499.37 001.14010.60002 .00000 Intercompany USD CR 100

60002.9499.370 01.14010.63000. 00000 Intercompany USD DR 100

63000.9499.37 001.14010.60003 .00000 Intercompany USD DR 400

60003.9499.37 001.14010.63000 .00000 Intercompany USD CR 400

Oracle created accounting with incorrect intercompany
-------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------

6000 1.1111.36001.10 105.00000.00000 Item Expense USD DR 700.00

60003.1111.360 01.11210.00000. 00000 Item Expense USD DR 400.00

63000.9499.370 01.25120.00000. 00000 Liability USD DR 100.00

63000.9499.370 01.25120.00000. 00000 Liability USD CR 1100

60002.1111.360 01.11210.00000. 00000 Item Expense USD CR 100

60001.9499 .37001.14010.00 000.00000 Intercompany USD CR 700

63000.9499 .37001.14010.00 000.00000 Intercompany USD DR 1000.00

60002.9499.370 01.14010.00000. 00000 Intercompany USD DR 100.00

60003.9499.37 001.14010.00000 .00000 Intercompany USD CR 400

Now that only clean solution we think of is to create adjustment journals in GL. Do you think is there anyother way to fix the way this intercompany is getting created for
this scenarios. Please advise
0 #21 Mahfuz 2015-05-06 13:50
So helpfull....... ........... Thanks....

0 #22 Krish Sharma 2015-07-16 12:41
Hi Anil Sir,

Huge Fan of yours.
I just wish to know few things as mentioned below:

1. How to derive revenue accounts from Products without using Mapping sets
2. Can we define custom JLD for COGS account.
0 #23 Silvia 2015-10-20 13:07
This is very helpful. Thanks a lot.
But can we also send additional Information to GL via SLA? I do have a requirement to send the Project number for PA related Transactions e.g. AP invoices to a DFF Attribute in the Journal line.

Hope somebody can let me know it this is possible.

Thank You!

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