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SOA Suite

Validate your SOA Suite Install on PC

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Before we can begin design and development in SOA, we must first ensure that SOA Suite was installed correctly on your Machine.


In this article, I will demonstrate the below:-

1. Start your SOA Console

2. Once you have installed SOA Suite and Companion CD, quickly validate that BPEL Server works as expected.


Step 1. In your Program Menu of [Windows in this case], Click on Start SOA Suite.


Step 2. Click on Menu SOA Launch Console [above the menu in Step 1]


Step 3. The Step 2 above would have displayed the SOA Suite in the browser.

Let's validate that your BPEL Server is up and running.

In the right hand side window, you would see BPEL Control and also Application Server Control


On the right hand side of the browser window, click on BPEL Control under Manage Your SOA Suite.

You will be prompted for User-Id and Password, which will be oc4jadmin/xx23xx23 as defined in article for SOA Installation


Keep patience when logging in for the very first time.

This completes the validation of your BPEL Server.


Step 4. Next, go back to SOA Console [which in my case is http://dell:8888/]

Click on Application Server Control

Login and password once again is oc4jadmin and xx23xx23

Scroll down and click on link "Runtime Ports"

Under "OC4J Home", note down the Port Number for RMI


This completes the validation of Key Processes that have been installed on your PC.


In the next training article, we will learn how to configure Database Connection to OracleLite and Application Server using jDeveloper 10g.


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