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Please find implementation steps documented with screenshots for Oracle Fixed Assets implementation.
This document contains both technical and functional details for setting up Oracle Fixed Assets.
You will find these notes practical and useful in you ever want to implement Fixed Assets as a functional consultant.
This document has been prepared with real life Oracle Fixed Assets implementation, hence is very hands-on in nature.



Use this link to download the pdf
Right click on file oracle-fixed-assets.pdf and save it to your desktop.

The topics covered in this documentation are
FA Setups
FA Basics
Asset Accounting
Reconciliation in FA
Setting up Depreciation
Manual Asset Addition
Journal Entries for Manual Asset addition
Asset Adjustments
Asset Retirements
Reinstating Assets/Gain Loss
Retirement Reports
Creating Assets using ADI
Depreciation Projection,What-if Analysis
Depreciation Reports
Unplanned depreciation & Re-Valuation
Quick Reference

Ranu Srivastava


0 #1 chowreddy 2008-06-11 05:57
The document is very good. If possible, could you please post documents for other Modules like GL,AP,CM,IC,CA. ..

Thanks in Advance.
0 #2 Anil Passi 2008-06-11 06:00

GL AP are already there, please see previous postings from Ranu

A nil
0 #3 Siddharth Shah 2008-06-11 10:08
thanks for uplaoding all the documents of various modules like FA, AR, P2P, etc....
0 #4 Hirendra 2008-06-11 11:03
this is really good document for FA functionality.. ...

If you can add integration of FA with Inv,Purchasing, AP it would have be great help for the audience ...

As per my understanding the steps are as below

1> Create an expense type of Item in Inventory for Fixed Asset( Note: expense a/c should be Asset clg a/c defined in FA category set up)
2> Purchase req for FA (need to select item as defined in step 1- it will create change a/c -)
3>Create PO
4> Receiving
5>Invoice Creation against PO( when we will match invoice with PO it will automatically update "TRACK As Asset" flag in invoice distribution
6> Transfer data to GL
7> Run Create Mass Addition from payable with Proper parameter ...
8> All the Assets will be available in FA mass Addtion form with "NEW" status..

Thank s Ranu...
+1 #5 Rinkesh 2008-06-12 13:10
Hi Ranu

Thanks for such a nice doc on FA.

It will be gr8 if you can add table details & interface of mass addition.

Than ks
0 #6 vamsee 2008-06-20 08:04

I would like to convey my spl thanks to you for providing such a wonderful documents, which came out of UR real time experience and examples.
I further state that these would be very much useful to the consultants like me.

need ur help in guiding me the steps to be followed to determine branch wise, division wise and product wise asset cost accounting and depreciation using Fixed Asset module in R12.

v amsee
+1 #7 Saritha Rani 2008-06-23 22:58
Hi Ranu Srivastava,

Th e article is informative. Thanks for the info.

I have a quick question...

I am working on fixed assets conversion and I am using the API fa_addition_pub .do_addition() (without invoices).

My Question is, for asset_key field which is a KFF I want to give some values..

Like, we have 2 segments defined for this KFF.First segment value is common for all the flexfields but for second segment I want to give some values during run-time(where functional setup is not accepted).

Is there a way to achevie it?

Sa ritha
+1 #8 Saritha Rani 2008-06-23 23:00
Adding one more point....

I guess attaching value set should not suffice...

Cor rect me if i am wrong...

Thank s,
0 #9 ROHIT VATS 2008-06-25 17:52
Really appreciate your efforts.Thanks
0 #10 Faisal Afzal 2008-09-18 02:46
Hey Ranu Srivastava

I like to thanks for this detail guide now im working on project and this implementation guide will be very helpful for me.

Dear i like in touch with you b/c im newly in this module

Thanks Regards

0 #11 PARTHA SARATHI NAYAK 2008-12-27 02:20
We are entering purchase of Capital Goods in AP Module. We generally debit CWIP account and crediting the supplier. How it will reflect in FA Module in Individual Assets Account. Whether it will be entered manually ifn FA module or it will be interfaced from AP module. If it will be interfaced then how the system will determine the nature of assets(i.e. whether it is computer or furniture etc) purchased beacause our entry in AP is
+1 #12 Daniel 2009-11-10 11:35

The FA implementation guide is very good and I just started going over the document. I just have one question, is it possible to implement FA in the middle of the year and start it from beginning of the year, say for example if we implemented in April 2010, is it possible to capture date from the beginning of 2010(JAN-10).

0 #13 ciju 2009-12-16 01:37
Hi can some of you plsease help me with the journal entries whne we match po with payables for fixed assets
0 #14 Bhagirath Singh 2010-01-08 03:46
Dear Sir,

please tell me Answer.
0 #15 Faisal 2010-02-17 05:40
Ranu Srivastav

Afte r a long time i like to thanks again for helping and guide us with your experience.

No w adays i,m implementing fixed asset module in another project and its help me very much.
God helps you

Thanks & Regards
Faisal Afzal
0 #16 K.S.Ali Hussain 2010-05-24 14:16
Please provide the link for the pdf file...Link is not available now.
0 #17 ranu 2010-05-25 04:24
After pointing to download link,Instead of clicking on link(or right click -> save target as) please do right click & select open in new tab
Ra nu.
0 #18 shakeel Ali Qureshi 2010-06-28 06:56
I am very thankfull to you Mr. Anil.
0 #19 shakeel Ali Qureshi 2010-06-28 07:03
Please provide pdf file for learing accounts receivables.
0 #20 rameshbabu 2010-12-06 03:11
Hey Ranu Srivastava

I like to thanks for this detail guide .
i want know documention processing for implimentation of GL,AP
0 #21 FA Accountant 2011-03-14 23:26
Hi! I would like to ask if there's a way we can track an asset starting from Purchase Request then to Purchase Order then to AP Module(wherein the AP Module we will no longer check the track as asset and enter the asset category) cause it's already done in iProcurement.It 's that possible?
0 #22 amit thakker 2011-10-12 02:33
hi can you please mail me this document as i am not able to open this document, please any user please mail me this document at
0 #23 Sahas 2012-01-09 08:36
Implementat ion guide published by you is very helpful.
I would like to know the business rule for having only one period open at a time in FA.Why can't we have multiple periods open as in other modules like AP,AR,Projects etc.
Please let me know on this.
0 #24 Pulak Thakur 2012-05-23 07:51
Dear Ranu,

Would you inform me whether there is a link in between FA retirement and AR invoice creation with the sale value of FA.

Thanks & regards,

Pulak Thakur
0 #25 Lakshmi Narayanan 2013-08-22 09:24
Hi Ranu Srivastava,

Ca n you also please share how to Oracle FA handles the Credits or rebates which is spread across many years.

Please note in this case the Original Cost and the Deprn Cost will be in Negative...

Early response would be highly appreciated.

- Regards
Lakshmi Narayanan
0 #26 Etrece 2014-01-13 08:21
Hi - please can you provide the steps on how to reinstate an asset, the reinstate button is greyed ou.

0 #27 Payas 2015-08-20 09:15
Hi Ranu,

The link is no longer working. Even if I do right click and select Save Target..nothing is happening.

Could you please look into it and provide us with the document or re-enable the link.


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