A Day in the life of an Oracle HCM Consultant

An Oracle HCM consultant’s profile is equally exciting and challenging. The answer to ‘What a typical workday in the life of an HCM consultant is like?’ varies from consultant to consultant, the work of an implementation consultant would be different from that of a Support consultant.

Let’s understand what their day-to-day work primarily revolves around and what their duty involves through a day in the life of an Oracle HCM Consultant.


1. The client requirements

  • An important aspect of the Oracle HCM Consultant in a Support role is to understand and satisfy client requirements. So, it is important for the consultant to be articulate in order to communicate well with the client.
  • The work also involves analyzing the requirements and planning and working productively to complete those demands and change requests.

2. Support tickets

  • Another major task is handling Support tickets—support tickets can be incidents, enhancements requests, change requests, etc.

3. Ticket Analysis

  • The impact of the new requirements on the current system functionality is checked and the tickets are segregated as change requests, enhancements, incidents etc.

4. Information about changes

  • A consultant needs to gather all the information in detail about the changes required.


5. Impact of changes

  • The work is not limited to just gathering information about the changes, advising clients upon all the changes required is essential.
  • More importantly they have to walk the client through its impact on the system and how any disruptions can be minimized or prevented.

6. Testing and Approval

  • The amendments that are made are briefly tested, and accordingly approvals from the client are taken. (UAT – User Acceptance Testing)


7. Documentation

  • All the changes are documented to utilize them for future references.

8. Migration to production instance and sign off

  • The approved changes are deployed into the live system, a notification to the client is then sent regarding the same and the ticket is closed.

9. Keeping up with the latest updates

  • Every quarter Oracle releases updates which is crucial for a consultant to keep up with.

Automation over traditional HR process

  • The automated HR process varies extensively from traditional HR.
  • The consultant needs to make the client realize how advantageous the automated process is in terms of the work process.
  • The automated process proves to be cost and time effective, plus, easier and smoother than the traditional process.
  • It involves going through the new features, the impact that it can have on the current system, testing, documentation, and presentations with the client.

We have covered a major chunk of how a day in the life of an Oracle HCM Consultant looks like, for starting out as an Oracle HCM consultant head over to Oracle Human Capital Management – Apps2Fusion Unlimited courses

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