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Thanks for your patience while I explained the basics behind AME's integration in Self Service HRMS.

In this article, you will find a video demo that brings the knowledge from Part 1 to Part 6 together, to create an AME Rule in Self Services Human Resources.

Note- You may have to click "Play" button at bottom right corner if the video pauses in between


In real life projects, customization of AME is a common practice. 
However it is also very common to create custom AME Transaction Types for your custom processes and custom/standard workflows.
You can visit http://apps2fusion.com that provides hands-on AME training covering Custom AME transaction type and its integration with the workflow.
Additionally in the apps2fusion's intensive hands-on trainings, you will also be able to integrate Position hierarchy with AME for approvals and learn from
the experience of various real life AME projects implemented by the AME trainer.


Anil Passi

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  • Guest - Prashanth Sankar

    Hi Anil.

    I was able to complete the tutorial but after approval when I go back to Special information form I am not able to see any entries. Can u point where I might be going wrong.

    This article of yours triggered an interest in me to research AME. I was able to create approvals for many of the transaction type. But everytime the approval mode is coming as Deffered as 'NO'. I have set the profile option EDR: Send individual approval notification - Yes. Even then this problem persist. Think you would be able to clarify.


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  • Guest - Anil Passi-


    Please run the workflow background process

    Anil Passi

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