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Mobile Supply Chain Application Framework
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List of articles on Mobile Supply Chain Application Framework

Mobile Supply Chain Application(MSCA/MWA) Framework -Introduction

Hello World Application in MSCA/MWA Framework

MSCA/MWA Setup, Testing, Error Logging and Debugging

LOV in Mobile Web Applications(MSCA) - Part 1

MWA Java Doc Part 1 - Basics

MSCA/MWA Java API Documentation – Part2 - FieldBeans

Extend a Standard Oracle MSCA/MWA page - Part1 - Adding a Text Box

Coming soon......

MWA/MSCA Customizations & Extensions

WMS Personalization Framework

Advanced Barcode Scanning in MSCA

MWA Profile Options & Shortcut Keys

FlexFields in MSCA

Label Priniting in WMS using Loftware

Senthilkumar Shanmugam

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Debananda


    I am new to MSCM but have got some knowledge from reading the MSCM topics and from this site also. I have also developed some new pages.
    But I am not confirmed if we will go for customization then where we will get the source code.Or we have to develop the codes.
    Please help me to solve the problem.

    Thanx in advance.

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  • Guest - abhishek tyagi

    I have made a page, which has a field whose value is populated from the LOV.
    Now i need to pass that selected LOV value to another custom page, which is i am calling from my first page(i.e. the LOV page).

    In the second page i have made a field, whose value initially was hardcoded.

    Now the requirement is that user want to select the value from LOV from the first page and pass the same value to the second page being called, and that value should be shown in a display field.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Guest - chintu

    Does oracle mobile field service uses the same framework as MSCA/MWA?

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  • Guest - murali

    Hi, i am new to MSCA i have a requirment on Receiving process and need to add some fields and to default some fields. I want to know how to start doing this. means from where can i get java files to be extended and tool used to do extention of java code.

    I need help for solving this.

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  • Guest - murali

    Hi, I am Murali, i want to know how to do validations in MSCA. I am using Telnet screen and i am extending the functionality fro making some fields default.

    Another is , i have two screens after completion of entries in first screen then we have to move to second screen and complete transaction in second screen.
    But the requirement is to complete the transaction in first screen itself before that we have to get a value from second screen field and complete the process in first screen itself(we should not go to second screen at all).

    Can i get the approach and required things to do for achieving this.

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  • Guest - Moiz

    Hi All,

    I am currently working on Oracle WMS and MSCA implementation project. One requirement from client is

    Single barcode ( 2-d barcode) is having following information in it,

    1. Item Code

    2 Lot Number

    3 UOI (unit of issue)

    4 Manufacture Name.

    Now, Requirement is, In one barcode scan all above information should be populated onto respective field ( if present ) on current page.

    Client does not want to scan four times barcode to populate above information into four different field.

    Kindly let me know, how i can achieve this through CustomScanManager preprocessing functionality? Whether it can be achievable or not?

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  • Guest - Ravindra Dande

    I want to scan some value and put it in DFF of WIP job . How to enable the DFF on MSCA page of WIP discrete jobs? Otherwise is there any alternative?


    Short URL:
  • Guest - shailendra_singh


    i am new to MSCA/MWA framework ,please tell me how to start devloping page and menu,which editor i should use ,what are the tools and software needed.

    thanks for any reply....

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  • Guest - shailendra singh

    hello senthil,
    i am not able to get LOV field value for setInputParameters(parameters);

    i want to filte it.please give me solution .

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Siva Venkat

    I am new to MSCA, my client requires to scan & segregate the data for any format of Barcode, as it will facilitate them in case if their suppliers change their barcode format or if get new suppliers with new format of barcode.
    Is this possible using custom bar code scan?
    If not, any workarounds suggested?
    Any body's help is highly appreciated.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - alobato


    does exist some kind of personalization for wip responsibiliy?, i read a white paper about msca but don't said nothing about wip personalization. Do you know something to respect?


    Short URL:
  • Guest - VADRIANS


    I need to make a biggest message of "Transaction succesfully" that the default one in the Subinventory Transfer for example. So I wondering if is that possible?

    Thank you on a lot!

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  • Guest - Rajeev ranjan

    Hi Senthil,

    Firstly Thanks for maintaining this blog. i am new to MSCA.

    Recently i got one requirement related to "MWA/MSCA Customizations & Extensions". Requirement is ' In PO recpt page i need to add one field called Ordered Quantity which will pick the value from db. There is already a field called Qty in which user enter the value manually.

    Kindly give some example and valuable suggestion on how to achieve this requirement.


    Short URL:
  • Guest - krsrasu


    Could you update what are all the basic functional setup required for MSCA? Do all the items should be loaded in AK repository with DFI code? what are the check list from the functional and technical setup perpective of MSCA?

    thanks in advance

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