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In this article you will see a step by step instruction to export data into excel spreadsheet, from an OA Framework page. This can be achieved via very simple personalization to OA Framework page. The first step will be to find out the ViewObject Instance name from which data will be exported. This can be found from "About This Page"  functionality. For this demo, Oracle iProcurement home page is used. We will be doing personalization to this page to add an "Export Button". When user clicks on this button, data from OA Framework View Object will be exported into excel spreadsheet. For this example, all the currently open notifications for the current user will be exported to excel spreadsheet. The name of the ViewObject used for exporting data from OA Framework Page is "OpenWorklistVO" in this case, and this can be found from "About This Page".


First find out the name of the ViewObject using "About This Page

In this Page Information, we can see the View Object from which data will be extracted to Excel

We willuse this View object to Export data into Excel Via Personalisation.

Now that we know the View Object Name, we can click on Personalize

Let us Create a New Item for Export Button.

Click oncreate item, ensuring Complete View is Selected.

Select Export Button from the drop down list ofItem Style.

Attach the View Object to the Export Button being created, and give this button a label

Now let us return to the main iProcurement page by clicking onReturn to Application.


We can now see the button created, now click on it.

 Click on the button

Excel Spreadsheet will be opened

Anil Passi

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Bhavik

    Hi Anil,

    Very nice article.

    My query is how can we export data from two different view objects one for master and the other for details.
    For example, iSupplier PO Search page lists all the purchase orders as per the entered search criteria. Now I want to provide a button on the search page so that user can export all the POs (the complete PO, including header, lines and shipments) that he has searched.

    Please provide necessary guidance if it is possible.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Anil Passi

    Hi Bhavik

    In R12.0.6 it is possible create the export button at page level that will export data from all the VO's of all the beans that are being displayed on the page.
    Only web beans that are rendered on the page are ever exported.
    If you export data from multiple regions in a page, each region appears in the export file in a tabular format, with a row of column names for that region,
    followed by rows of corresponding values.

    However I am not sure if the same is supported on your version of Ebusiness Suite


    Short URL:
  • Guest - rampaage

    Hi Anil,

    Is there a way to import data from excel into a custom form that is attached to a specific responsibility.
    So the form should be able to read from a excel sheet on the USer desktop.


    Short URL:
  • Guest - Sreedhar Gouravelli


    Thank You for the Good Note, Useful article.

    I am reviweing this to implement in HRMS world to help our clients.Will update if any success from our side.

    Thanks and Keep up the good work as lot of people are learning from you in true spirit of "what i can give back to community",
    instead of thinking and acting of "what i got from community".
    --Sreedhar Gouravelli.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - katepalli.Mohan

    Hi Anil,

    I am doing the same in but i am facing the problem while ading the button in the page.I am trying to load requistion data into Excel.can you please suggest me where its going wrong

    Message not found. Application: FND, Message Name: FND_VIEWOBJECT_NOT_FOUND. Tokens: VONAME = MyReqsGlanceVO; APPLICATION_MODULE = oracle.apps.icx.por.req.server.RequisitionAM;

    Short URL:
  • Guest - katepalli.Mohan

    Hi Anil ,

    At last i tried i got that but now i am facing the following error.As per my knowledge rowset is available but its saying that no data.


    There is no data to export.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Srini

    I created a check box in iexpense and set required property to true, but still it will let me go ahead without checking the check box. Am I missing something?

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Craig Dacres

    I am doing the same in After adding the button an d click apply I am getting the error below. What is the cause of this and how do i resolved this error.

    Message not found. Application: FND, Message Name: FND_VIEWOBJECT_NOT_FOUND. Tokens: VONAME = MyReqsGlanceVO; APPLICATION_MODULE = oracle.apps.icx.por.req.server.RequisitionAM;

    Short URL:
  • Guest - sunita

    Hi Anil,

    I added an export button using personalization but the date which is printing at the excel sheet is server date...How do I print the
    system date(from the custom table) at the excel sheet as well as how do i get time stamp on it?

    looking forwrd to your quick reply :)

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Sanujet

    Thanks a lot Anil buddy. Its cool. He he he .
    Love ya

    Short URL:
  • Guest - jayjay

    knowing that we can use Export Button to get the file from e-suite.
    we could also import the data into e-suite using web ADI or JXL library.
    web ADI is easy to implement , however , sometime doen's seem to be fit up to case.
    so i prefer to use JXL library or POI library which are not standard library even though they are open source lib.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - diesel

    This is a Good writing, wow, it is wonderful,I'm interested in these right,I have found it very useful, looking forward to you as soon as possible to update your works! I will always support you!

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Minakshi

    So kind of you making this so simple.

    I have one query I have to export the data in an xls with validation.
    For ex. in a normal xls at our local system we may create certain validations for a column .
    Supposingly we are creating validation on a column allowing only three values (1,2 & 3)
    Now if one tries to enter any other value would get an error.

    Same way I want to export the xls with these king of validations.
    So that if one wants to add one more row to the exported xls and tries to enter a value other than the values(1,2 &3), he should get an error.

    Is there any feasibility of the same to get an xls exported with validations.

    Thanks in Advance for your considerations.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - surya karanam

    i am working on exporting oaf page data to spread sheet and am getting
    Message not found. Application: FND, Message Name: FND_VIEWOBJECT_NOT_FOUND. Tokens: VONAME = BucketsVO; APPLICATION_MODULE = chola.oracle.apps.ap.buckets.server.BucketsAM;
    Could any one please help me ....

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Matthew Courtney


    I created the Export Button and was curious as to why I get an error if I set the "Export all Rows" drop down to true. If I leave it false, then it does export just fine, but I am skeptical that it is exporting all items. Any thoughts or solutions on this error would be appreciated.

    Short URL:

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