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Please find a list of OA Framework & Java [in APPS] related articles.

OA Framework Related

Get Started with OA Framework

Installing jDeveloper on your PC to get Started with OA Framework Development [11.5.10 CU4]

OA Framework Tutorial 1 - Step by Step in Audio Video

OA Framework Tutorial 2 - Step by Step in Audio Video

OA Framework Training Tutorial 3 - Add record functionality to the screen

OA Framework Training Tutorial 4 - Update record functionality to the screen [Also includes deployment instructions and source code ]

A step by step example to deploy the Tutorial onto APPS Instance

Important OA Framework API - JDR_UTILS

D2K Form comparison with OA Framework

OA Framework : How to design/build a simple screen that interacts with Database table

jDeveloper steps to build the screen as above
Programming the Controller, ApplicationModule to complete this screen

What is MDS - Meta Data Service in OA Framework

What is SPEL - Explained with Audio Visual Demo

Audio Video Demo - How to Embed a Custom Screen into OA Framework Screen

Contains Video Tutorial for steps to develop custom screen and also the extension steps

Audio Video tutorial to explain how Partial Page Rendering Functionality can be built in OA Framework

Entity Objects :- Where do they fit into our Forms/D2K model

Implement Entity Object using PL/SQL API, in OA Framework

Steps to Extend View Object in OA Framework

Extend Entity Object Substitution [using iProcurement] in OA Framework - An Example

Extend OA Framework to use a WebService[Design]

Captcha Implementation. Step by Step Webservice in OA Framework using java

Steps by Step approach to call a Captcha Webservice from OA Framework

How to Extend a Controller in OA Framework Sceen

Extension of Application Module in OA Framework - Part 1

Extension of Application Module in OA Framework - Part 2

How to use XMLImporter in OA Framework

When to bounce and How to Bounce Apache Server when working on OA Framework

OA Framework page on web

Is extension of Controllers in OA Framework Safe? [Some Pointers]

Different techniques to debug OA Framework [With Audio-Video demo]

Add a field with LOV to OA Framework Page, by using Personalization

How to call OA Framework Page from Oracle Forms and the syntax for passing parameters

How to build Master-Detail screen in OA Framework - Part 1

OA Framework Extensions - A Presentation

A Brief History of OA Framework - Presentation

OA Framework R12 Extension Example

Extend OA Framework in R12

Personalizations with Audio-Video Demo

User Level Personalization- For individual user

User Level Personalizations by Admin- Shared Folders

How to move personalizations from one environment to another

Steps to prepare your jDeveloper environment for Extensions

Audio-Video Demo- How to run Oracle Apps pages from jDeveloper - Example iProcurement

Enable Personalizations -Why is it important to use Functional Administrator to set Profile Options

Defaults in OA Framework - Concepts and practical approach

OA Framework Interview Questions

Add Picklist/Dropdown list field to OAF Screen using extension/Personalization
Testing OAF Extensions after deployment- When to bounce what?
Add Submit Button Programatically - Concept

Sample Code- Add Submit Button Programatically

Java in Oracle Apps
How to write Java Concurrent Programs in Oracle Apps?

Another usage of Java Concurrent Programs

FAQ on OA Framework
FAQ for Extending View Objects in OA Framework

OA Framework - Develop Page that does not require login - Using GUEST
Hide or change Copyright and Privacy Statement in OA Framework
Creating custom Web ADI Integrators
Embed HTML into OA Framework Page- URL Include and other options

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