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In the previous article you would have learnt, the detailed steps of how Copyright information is modified

This article is an extension of the previous one, and here you will see how to hide


Hide/Change "Privacy Link" and "Copy right information" only in the dialog page


Login with the user who has functional administrator and goto pesonalization tab,

query the document path, /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter

press go, once you get the doc name /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter

click on Personalize Page icon,

Clear all other default values and uncheck the site check box,

and select OAFWK_DIALOG_PG in Function. Then apply,



You will get personalization struction the /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter at Function OAFWK_DIALOG_PG level,


Now change the rendered propertly to false for Privacy Link and Copy right or change the text and Destination URL as discussed above.

Section 1  - Background Information

1.1     Purpose

This document explains about how to change or hide the Copyright and Privacy Statement in 11i Apps. The same can be done at different levels. For example we can give different Privacy Statement Links for different responsibility.  Once the personalization is done in one instance, the deployment in another instance section will help you to download the personalization and upload into another instance.

This document assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of OA Framework personalization. 


1.2     Background

This document should be used to personalize the footer, ie, Copyright and Privacy Statement.


The following profile options needs to be set

  • Personalize Self-service Defn to Yes - Enable or disable personalization capabilities( Need to be changed to

            Yes to get the Personalize Page link at top right corner of the page.

  •             Disable Self-service Personal to No - enables ALL personalizations(by default it will be no).


Section 2  - Steps


Login into oracle applications with the user who has personalization profile option (Personalize Self-service Defn) enabled. If the profile option is enabled at a particular User level only that user will get the Personalize Page link in the right top corner of the page. If the profile option is enabled at Site level all the users will get the link Personalize Page.

Step 2:

Click on the Personalize Page link in the Home Page. You will get the page for Personalize the HomePG. Since we are going to do the personalization for OAFooter the context needs to be changed.


Step 3:

Click Choose Context button you will get a page to choose the Scope of the page. And you will get the options in a choicelist. Copyright, Privacy Statement will associated with OA Footer, choose the option OA Footer.


Step 4:

You can see the other options in this page, if you remove all the other values and select only the Site check box, we can do the personalization only at site level, and it will reflect in all the pages. If you choose other values too, you can do the Personalization in all the levels and it will reflect in the order of hierarchy.

Now we will proceed to if you want the changes, like removing of Copyright and Change the link of Privacy Statement across the system use site level personalization. Then press apply button.

Step 5:

You will be redirected again to the Personalize Region page, but with different scope and different document path. Earlier the page was HomePG, now we have the personalization page for OAFooter.


Step 6:

If we continue and personalize we will get option to personalize the Copyright and Privacy Statement link at different levels. But to get the clear screen, I will change the context at only site and Responsibility (with Functional Administrator) level and continue from here. But the steps are same for personalizing at other levels.


Step 7:

Personalize Copyright, through this personalization we can hide the text (Copyright (c) 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved.) or if we want we can change the Text and display whatever we want. Click on the Pencil icon for the Copyright item. You will be redirected to a page where we can see the attributes for the item.


Step 8:

If you use Rendered property and change into False at site level the Copyright info will be hidden at all the pages.

But if you want to give some other text instead of “Copyright (c) 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved.” You can change in the given text boxes. That will reflect at the levels of hierarchy.

Click apply and come back to the personalize page again.


Again personalize the Copyright item, by clicking on the Pencil icon. Personalize the Copyright and replace with some other text. Change the Rendered property to inherit and change the prompt at site level as “Home PG Copyright” and at Responsibility Level “Functional Admin Copyright” press apply come come back to the page again.

You can see the Copyright changed into Home PG Copyright and if you goto home page and access the Functional Administrator Responsibility the Copyright would have changed to “Functional Admin Copyright”

Step 9:

Change or hide the Privacy Statement Link. Do the above steps for Privacy statement too.

Click on the Pencil Icon for the Privacy item. If you make the Rendered property to False, the Privacy statement link will not come.

And if you enter a different URL you will get the link as different URL.

Change the Destination URL to www.mycompany.com/privacy.html and Text as “Site Privacy” at Site level and www.functioncompany.com/privacy.html Text as “Function Privacy” and clicked apply button.


SECTION 3 - Move the personalization to a different system.

Once we are done with the above changes we can move the same to another instance by downloading the personalized PG.xml and uploading into the other system.


To download the personalized file there are many ways, one easy way is run the following script in Toad and get the path for the personalization for the page /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter





This will list two paths, since we have done the personalization in two levels.



Will download the personalization only for site level.




The above script will give the following xml file, that is nothing but the personalization for the OAFooter. The file needs to be saved in the package of /oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/customizations/site/0/ with the file name OAFooter.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

<customization xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jrad" version="" xml:lang="en-US" customizes="/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/OAFooter" developerMode="true">


      <move element="ITEM10" after="Timehideinfo"/>

      <move element="ITEM1" after="ITEM10"/>

      <modify element="Privacy" destination="www.mycompany.com/privacy.html" rendered="true" text="Site Privacy"/>

      <modify element="CopyRight" prompt="Home PG Copyright"/>



To upload the above page (/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/webui/customizations/site/0/OAFooter.xml) use the normal page upload script.


if java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter $CUST_TOP/mds/pers/fnd/framework/webui/customizations/site/0/OAFooter.xml -rootDir $CUST_TOP/mds/pers/ -username $APPS_NAME -password $APPS_PASSWORD -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(Host=$IP_ADDRESS)(Port=$PORT_NUMBER)) (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=$DATABASE_SID)))" -rootPackage /oracle/apps


Kalimuthu Vellaichamy

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    I am new to oracle apps
    I wanted to get some information about export feature in oracle apps.
    If it is not implicitly enabled how can we enable it, also can we enable it for single record blocks also.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Could you please explain bit more about your requirement.
    What kind of export feature in oracle apps?
    Excel export or file export?


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  • Guest - Kuldeep

    Hi Anil,
    You have indeed helped a lot in enhancing my knowledge in OAF.
    I am stuck in one thing that is how to change the prompt of any item like Button,Field dynamically.
    Also how to change item style.


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  • Guest - Amin

    I make the changes in personalization,It reflect on the xml file but not on the OAF page.


    CSS class by default was OraStampText Then i changed it to OraDataText but change is not reflecting on OAF page.

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  • Guest - Arun_M

    What scope do i need to select if i had to hide a field in iiSupport page?
    What should be function that i need to select in my case?
    is it the function attached to the page?


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