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What is ADF?

The Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an end-to-end application framework built on Java Platform, J2EE standards and open-source technologies. Oracle ADF and JDeveloper 11g gives you an environment that covers the full development lifecycle from design to deployment, with drag-and-drop and wizard driven development, visual UI design, and many more features built in to ease large application development.

ADF Architecture

ADF follows the proven, industry wide accepted Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. ADF extends this MVC to one more layer - Business Service. Each layer in ADF has distinct role and specific responsibility.
  • The view layer is the top most layer, that user sees and interacts with. It contains the UI pages used to view or modify that data. We call this part as ADFv. This layer is developed using ADF Faces Rich Client components that are built on standard JSF components with lot of built-in AJAX and Web 2.0 like features. In addition to this, it also supports Apache myfaces Trinidad components, Java and ADF Swing components. It also has ADF Mobile components that are specifically built for Mobile applications.
  • The controller layer processes user input and determines page navigation. With ADF, you do not write any JSP re-directs or URL calls. It is all declarative, drag-and-drop supported. We call this part as ADFc. ADFc provides an enhanced navigation and state management model on top of JSF. JDeveloper allows you to declaratively creat flows where you can pass application control between different types of pages and flows, conditionally using declarative case statements
  • The model layer represents the data values related to the current view. Model is also responsibile for binding the data to the view. We call this part as ADFm. It implementes JSR-227 service abstraction called the data control. It abstracts the implementation of business service layer. In addition to ADFbc, it also supports other technologies like EJBWeb Services, CSV, POJO etc.
  • The business service layer handles data access between model and DB or any other data storage. It encapsulates business logic and rules. You can use any technology for this layer. ADF has its own technology for this and we call this part as ADFbc (ADF Business Components). ADFbc facilitates backend service for query, create, update, delete operations and provide lot of features to implement validations and business logic.
Article on each of these layers to follow.


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People in this conversation

  • Guest - kalyani

    I am kalyani, I am new visitor to this site. Site is very informative and knowledge gathering. any person can start learning form this site. I want some information regarding the Multi Language support in APPS.

    Thanks In advance,

    Short URL:
  • Guest - OracleTech

    Couple of ways MLS is achieved in APPS.
    1. For the fields on UI like label, header text, button text etc, they are translated manually and you will find a patch per language. You need to choose what all languages you want to support while install and use language specific patch to get the translation.
    2. For seed data that support language like messages, lookups or any other data like currency, territory etc, oracle ships translation in each supported language and you see data in the language used in APPS while log in.
    3. For transactional data that is MLS enabled, when data is entered in the UI or via public interfaces like API, it will store data in all installed languages but the value will be the one that user entered in whatever language. This is because there is no way for system to do automatic translation. Now, when you log into system in some other language, you will see the record but the language will be what you entered., You need to manually change the data in other language and save.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - OracleTech

    In ADF, MLS will be same for seed and transaction data.
    ADF will use something called resource bundle for translation of UI labels, texts, help content etc.

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  • Guest - kalyani

    Thankyou very much the information is very good.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - kalyani

    I worked on Apps 2 years back and took a break. Now I am back to my career. Please suggest me some advance areas in Apps which I need to focus.
    Please guide me and do the needfull.

    Thanks In Advance,

    Short URL:
  • Guest - tommy

    Thanks lot for the info about ADF. how to develope by the ADF? Could you give us a example with screenshot?


    Short URL:
  • Guest - OracleTech

    Tommy, keep watching this site for new articles. I will include articles that explain a particular tip with a sample, downloadable application.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Jo

    We have 11.5.10 and plan to upgrade to R12. I would like to know if I could install jdeveloper for ADF and prcatice it on my local machine ?
    what all things would need to be done ?
    Thank You.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - OracleTech

    Yes, you install Jdev11g on your local machine and practice. All you need to do is download Jdev 11g from OTN (links in my previous post) and a DB that you can connect to.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Bommudurai Vairamuthu

    In PO ,Notification summary I would like to add 2 fields newly.could you plz me how would go with that.In Notification summary i would like to display the priority ( priority of the requisition) and the part # which is on the requisition.

    Please help me to solve the issue.I am very eager to get some solution from u.

    Thank you,

    Short URL:
  • Guest - John Ortizq

    Thanks for this useful information. Can you recommend me a video tutorial about this framework, where it shows basic examples and code or other explanations? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Short URL:
  • Guest - deveki nandan mishra

    Hi, I am a java/j2ee developer having more than 6 years of exp.
    Now i want to move to ADF as i know this is same as JSF.
    Please suggest the correct way of learning and the opportunities in this Technology.

    Deveki nandan

    Short URL:
  • Guest - shekhar kadam

    Can you suggest best institutes for Oracle ADF in Hydrabad for training purpose...please send me on my email ID

    Short URL:

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