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This document demonstrates the cycle of Blanket PO -> PO -> AP Invoice -> Asset. Some screen shots are my instance specific. Please ignore the DFF fields.
Check approval access of User

  1. Employee screen -This employee will be used as Buyer. Check his approval rights for approving purchase document.

  1. Create BPA -> Approve it

  1. Create Requisition-> Approve it

  1. Autocreate PO -> Approve

  1. Receive the PO (not mandatory)

  1. Create Invoice -> Match it to PO -> Validate it -> Account it

  1. Make Payment (not mandatory)


  1. Convert invoice into asset – Run ‘Mass Additions Create’

select * from fa_mass_additions
where book_type_code = <BOOK>
and queue_name = 'NEW' and invoice_number like 'TRG%';

  1. Submit ‘Post Mass Additions’ . This will create assets

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