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Oracle BPEL Overview

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). Its XML based language used for describing Business process. The XML tags of BPEL are owned by Neutral organization OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). Oracle provides BPEL Engine called BPELPM to execute bpel process.BPEL Process can be created using JDeveloper10g or Eclipse. 

Oracle BPEL Development Overview
If you are developer, you were normally writing the business logic ( if else, looping) in language specific packages ( e.g. Java Package, or PL/SQL Package) or proprietary Workflow ( e.g. Oracle Workflow). BPEL is replacement to your workflow and also some extent to your language code, which describe business flow.

Overview of Basic Steps for BPEL Project Development

1) Create BPEL Process through IDE like Jdeveloper 10g( or Eclipse). It will create <projectname>.bpel file and projectname>.wsdl file and related also rest of xml files. All the files will get bundled in .jar. Jar file will be used for deployment.

2) Deploy BPEL Project ( .jar file) on BPEL Process Manager BPELPM using Ant utility like Obant or through IDE( Jdeveloper) itself . Note: BPELPM is bpel execution engine, which will run bpel process and create runtime instance once it invoked.

3) To Test BPEL Process, Login in BPEL Console and Invoke BPEL Process & see the result.

Oracle BPELPM supports various adapters. Through adapter, Its easy to expose your business functionality (activity) as Web service by declarative approach (without writing single line of code) and integrate in Business flow.


a) Reading/Writing data in File through File Adapter

b) Selecting data or doing DML operation in Database using DB adapter

c) Invoking Stored procedure/ function in Database

d) Doing FTP Operation (get/put)

e) Pushing/Polling data in JMS Queue/ Oracle AQ

f) Exposing any EJB, Java Class as Web service


Oracle BPEL Use Cases Pattern

1) Integration Projects: You can create various interface bridges for integrating two different heterogeneous systems IT Systems.


a) Building Customer Data interface for Integration of Siebel and Oracle E-Business Suite

b) Order booking BPEL process can be web service which can be used for integrating portal

2) Leveraging existing JAVA or PL/SQL functionality as Webservice

3) Considering long-term vision of product volatility. New custom workflow development can be created through BPEL. As Oracle Worklow will be replaced by Oracle BPEL.

4) Replacing Database Link API with web services

5) If you writing completely new application Module or building new product, Its highly recommended to use BPEL for building business flow of module/product.


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  • Guest - Venkatesh N

    Hi Anil,

    This article give me a good overview of BPEL. Thanks very much.

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  • Guest - kranthi

    Hi technospider,

    This gave a detailed overview on what is BPEL?...it is good for novice people
    thanx man.

    with regards,

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  • Guest - Sateeshg


    Good article, It gives Orverview of BPEL like what is BPEL and How it woks. Looks like it is alternative and/or advanced tool for Oracle Workflow. cool.

    Thankyou so much,

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  • Guest - Brindha

    Easily understandable!!

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  • Guest - sridharOAF

    Hi Anil,
    The description about BPEL , why it is used.. its really good..
    It is really simple, smart and easy to understand.

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