Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900

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In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Azure Data Platform and database concepts. You will get skilled in core data concepts, such as relational data, non-relational data, big data, and data analytics. Developed by experts, this course will help you master the fundamentals required to kick-start your career in Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. 

In This Module We Will Learn :

Explore Core Data Concepts Introduction

  • Overview and Explore Core Data Concepts Introduction
  • Structure Data
  • Semi-Structure Data
  • Key-Value Database
  • Graph Database

Practical Session

  • Practical Session

Types of Data

  • Types of Data
  • Creating Data (Practical Session-1)

Practical Session- 2

  • Creating Data (Practical Session-2)
  • Describe Data Processing Solutions

Azure Data Foundation

  • Azure Data Foundation Introduction
  • Role In Data
  • Common Tools – Database Administrator
  • Data Studio
  • SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Portal to Mange Azure SQL Database
  • Common Tools – Data Analyst
  • Data Visualization Tools

Creating a VM

  • Create a Virtual Machine in Azure (Practical Session)

Create SQL Server and Azure Cosmos DB Account

  • Create SQL Server and Azure Cosmos DB Account

Creating SQL Database

  • Relational and Non-Relational Database
  • Create SQL Database

SQL Importance

  • SQL Importance
  • Practical Session

Basic Understanding

  • Understanding of:-
  • a. DDL
  • b. DQL
  • c. DML
  • d. DCL
  • e. TCL

Importance of Non-Relational Database

  • Importance of Non-Relational Database


  • Azure BLOP Feature
  • Practical Session

Azure Data Factory Practical Session

  • Azure Data Factory Practical Session

Batch Processing

  • Batch Processing and Stream Processing
  • Difference Between Batch Processing and Real time Processing
  • How Stream Analytics Work In Azure

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