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AZURE DP-300 Prepare for the Azure DP 300 certification with the Azure DP-300 training. Learn how to plan and implement data platform resources, secure environment, and high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) environment. The Azure DP-300 training will enable you to monitor and optimize operational resources and query performance, perform automation of tasks and perform administration by using T-SQL.

In This Module We Will Learn :

The role of the database administrator

  • Azure data platform roles 
  • Azure database platforms and options 
  • SQL Server compatibility level 
  • Azure preview features 

Plan and implement data platform resources

  • Deploy resources using manual methods 
  • Recommend an appropriate database offering based on requirements 
  • Configure Azure resources 
  • Evaluate and implement a strategy for moving a database to Azure 

Implement a secure environment

  • Configure database authentication  
  • Configure database permissions 
  • Implement security for data at rest  
  • Implement security for data in transit 
  • Implement compliance controls for sensitive data 

Monitor and optimize operational resources

  • Monitor activity and compare to a baseline  
  • Define maintenance tasks related to performance  
  • Identify major causes of performance problems  
  • Configure resources for optimal performance  
  • Configure a user database for optimal performance

Optimize query performance

  • Analyze query plans and identify problem areas
  • Evaluate potential query improvements  
  • Review table and index design  
  • Determine whether a query or design changes have had a positive effect  

Automation of tasks

  • Deploy Azure Resources using automated deployment scripts 
  • Create Scheduled Tasks in SQL Server 
  • Create notifications for failures and performance alerts 
  • Configure automation for PaaS Services 

Planning and implementing a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment

  • The difference between recovery time and recovery point objectives  
  • The available HADR options for both IaaS and PaaS  
  • PaaS platform and database tools for HADR 
  • Database backup and restore 

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