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Microsoft Azure Architect Design is one of the most popular certifications offered by professionals who perform the role of Solution Architects in an organization. Enterprises look to migrate their services to cloud and hybrid environments use Microsoft Azure to Manage them. Through this training, participants learn about authorizing, logging, cost analysis, security, governance and migration.

In This Module We Will Learn :

  • Azure Architect Role 
  • About this Course – Prerequisites 
  • Checklist for Creating an Azure Virtual Machine 
  • Decide the Location of the VM
  • Deploy and Configure Scale Sets 
  • Implement Azure VM Dedicated Hosts 
  • Choose an Azure Compute Service 
  • Determine Appropriate Compute Technologies for Microservices
  • When to use Azure Container Instances 
  • Provisioning Solution for Azure Compute Infrastructure 
  • Design a Network Solution 
  • Recommend Solution for Network Security 
  • Networking 

  • Traditional Vs. Modern Application 
  • Designing Solution for Hybrid Identity
  • Planning Azure Migration 
  • Migration On-Premises Data to Cloud Storage with Az Copy 
  • Tips for Identity and Access Management 
  • Recommend a Solution for Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Recommend a Solution for Seamless Single-Sign on (SSO) 
  • Recommend a Hierarchical Structure for Management Groups, Subscriptions, Resource Groups 
  • Design Governance 
  • Azure Policy 
  • Recommend a Solution for using Azure Policy 
  • Select an Appropriate Data Platform Based on Requirements 
  • Overview of Azure Data Storage 
  • Recommend Database Service Tier Sizing 
  • Dynamically Scale Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instances 
  • Recommend a Solution for Encrypting Data at Rest, Transmission, and in Use
  • Implementing Azure SQL Database Based Application 
  • Example of Use Case 
  • Select an Appropriate Storage Account 
  • Microsoft Azure Architectural Design
  • Recommend a solution for Data Integration and Lab Session 
  • Design a Solution for Logging and Monitoring 
  • Azure Monitor 
  • Azure Sentinel 
  • Azure Security Centre 
  • Design a Solution for Backup and Recovery 
  • Design for High Availability 
  • Applications in Multiple Azure Regions for High Availability 
  • Design HA Applications to Handle Disaster Recovery 
  • Architect Modern Application in Azure 
  • Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Services 
  • Design for Cost Optimization 
  • Cloud Application Architecture Guide 
  • Lab Session 
  • Recommend Event-Based Cloud Automation on Azure 
  • Microservices Architecture on Azure Service Fabric 
  • Designing APIs for Microservices 
  • Lab – Implement Azure Logic Apps Integration with Azure Event Grid 
  • Security for Application and Services 
  • Recommend a Solution using Key Vault 
  • Recommend Solutions using Azure AD Managed Identities 
  • Exam AZ-304 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design 

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