Java, XML, Webservices

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Java is a programming language that is secure and reliable, and not specific to any one processor or Operating System. Web service helps in communication between two applications for the purpose of exchanging data using XML, SOAP, REST, and many more. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language which was designed to describe data in a format that is comprehensible to humans and machines. For day-wise course content listing of Java, XML, and Webservices training.

In this Module we will learn :

Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS) and Introduction to Java

  • What is OOPS and OOPS concepts overview
  • What is Java and its working
  • Introducing Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Setting up Java environment
  • How to use Java and Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?
  • Demonstrating Hello world program
  • Programming in JAVA
  • Classes and Objects in Java
  • Importing Java Libraries
  • Java basic Data types – BYTE, INT, LONG, FLOAT etc, Java Strings and arrays
  • Java loops- FOR, WHILE, DO.WHILE
  • Java Decision making statements – IF – ELSE IF – ESLSE – SWITCH-CASE
  • Java basic operators – Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Bitwise Operators, Logical Operators,
  • Assignment Operators and Misc Operators
  • Writing Java Methods

Programming in Java – Continued

  • Discussing OOPS in Java – Java Inheritance, Java overriding, Java Polymorphism, Java abstraction,
  • Java encapsulation, Java interfaces
  • Concept of packages in Java
  • Java Variable types – local, instance, static variables and using variables in Java program
  • Java Modifier types – Access modifiers such as public, private, protected and package private
  • Non-access modifiers such as static, final, abstract etc
  • Java Handling exceptions using try – catch – throw

Advance Java Programming

  • Using Java collections – ArrayList, Linked Lists, HashMaps, Sets etc.,
  • Java Files IO (Input/output) operations
  • Demonstration and assignments on topics discussed

Learning XML

  • Fundamentals of XML – What is XML?, XML structure
  • XML syntax – content and markup
  • XML element and attribute declarations
  • XML parameter entities and XML Namespaces
  • XML validation using Doctypes, Validator, XML DTD, and XML schema
  • XML parser, XML DOM, XML in HTML and XML in real life

REST ( Representational State Transfer )

  • Introduction to Java web services API
  • IDE setup, JavaEE Environment setup with Glassfish server to build, host and consume web service

Building and consuming custom SOAP web services in Java

  • Build web service client through Stub generation and Consume web service by Calling the service
  • Code custom web service and deploy to Glassfish server
  • Accepting input parameters through web services to achieve sending and receiving of data through
  • web services
  • Understanding WSDL at depth and customizing WSDL
  • Schema types and Binding styles in WSDL
  • Using JAXB annotations and role of XML in web services
  • Testing web services using Soap UI

Building and consuming custom REST web services in Java

  • Introduction to developing REST API using JAX-RS
  • All about REST and HTTP
  • Build a simple RESTful API using JAX-RS
  • RESTful URI types and the HTTP methods

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