Oracle Billing and Revenue Collection Training (22A)

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The Oracle Billing & Revenue Collection course/training is meticulously crafted by a highly seasoned industry professional with over 10+ years of expertise in the Oracle Financials domain. This course is designed to help teams or individuals develop a broader understanding of the capabilities of Oracle Billing and Revenue Collection and its various components. Get insight on flexible billing models, comprehensive billing operations, partner revenue settlement and more.

Overview of OTC

  • What is OTC cycle
  • Departments involved in OTC process
  • Common terminologies used in OTC and Billing and revenue management
  • Sales team overview – functions of sales team, importance of sales in OTC process
  • Credit Management – Functions of credit team, how credit analysis is done, how billing terms are determined, payments terms and billing schedules
  • Masterdata Management – Functions, customer creation in Oracle system, maintenance of customer data
  • Order management – Functions, processes, revenue management
  • Billing – Functions, how billing is created, how invoices are sent to customers
  • Collections – functions of collections team, collections strategies, cash flow, cash management and issue resolution
  • Cash application – functions, how cash is applied, how unapplied and unidentified cash is processed
  • Interlinkages between different teams in OTC process

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management

  • Introduction to BRM process
  • BRM systems overview – how an account is created and how BRM manages data

Overview of Billing in OBRM

  • Billing
  • Accounting and billing cycles
  • Accounting cycles
  • Auto billing
  • Deferred billing
  • Multiple billings
  • Credit memos
  • Credit memo/ credit memo rebill

AR Balance Management

  • What is Balance
  • Accounts Receivables Management
  • Revenue Management features
  • Adjustments
  • Disputes
  • Refunds
  • Write offs

Payments Management

  • Payment processing
  • Payment methods
  • Payment processes
  • Managing Payments

Customer Management

  • Creating customer accounts
  • Activating customers, dealing with inactive customers and closing inactive accounts
  • Discounts offered to customers

Revenue Management

  • Revenue management process flow
  • How and When revenue is recognized
  • Revenue clawbacks
  • General ledgers
  • Tax and how tax is determined
  • Revenue accruing
  • Revenue recognition
  • Reports

Collections and Advance Collection Techniques

  • Portfolio management
  • Identifying delinquent customers
  • Identify overdue accounts
  • Automatic collection strategies
  • Manual Collection strategies
  • Credit hold and customer hold
  • Write offs and Legal

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