Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) Training (20A)

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Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS) as an EPM module which is now called Narrative Reporting is an Oracle Cloud solution for management and narrative reporting. It provides a secure, collaborative, and process-driven approach for Defining, Authoring, Reviewing, and Publishing financial and management report packages.

In This Module We Will Learn :

Reporting Process Key Issues

  • Types Of Reports
  • EPRCS Overview
  • Combine Data & Narrative
  • Collaborate Securely
  • Confidently Report

EPRCS Features

  • Users & Roles
  • Security
  • Integration

Creating Report Package

  • Describe report package and its components
  • Identify report package design considerations
  • Describe development phases, roles of users and actions that can be performed
  • Static and Reference Variables
  • Reference Doclets
  • Publishing Report Packages

Smart View for EPRCS

  • Install and configure Smart View and EPM Cloud extensions
  • Establish connection to EPRCS and Data source
  • Describe performance reporting processes supported in Smart View
  • Identify actions supported only in Smart View
  • Static and Reference Variables in SmartView
  • Smart View excel as Reference Doclet in Report Package
  • Server-Side Refresh

Creating Management Report

  • Describe management reporting and key differentiating benefits
  • Create and edit data source connections
  • Design report inserting a grid and create formulas and select members
  • Design report inserting a text box and use text functions to display information
  • Design report inserting a chart
  • Management Report as Reference Doclet in Repor Package

Defining Report Package Workflow Process

  • Defining Phases
  • Author Phase
  • Review Phase
  • Signoff Phase

Audit Process

  • Migrating Artifacts
  • Using File Transfer Utility
  • Performing Backup and Restore

Working with Sample and Custom Applications

  • Sample Application
  • Custom Application
  • Dimensions and data loads
  • Granting Access

Disclosure Management

  • Describe XBRL use cases that EPRCS supports
  • Design best approach to Disclosure Management report creation based on requirements
  • Install and configure Disclosure Management
  • Working with Master Document and Doclets
  • Disclosure Management mapping Tool
  • Mapping Disclosure management reports in EPRCS
  • Registering XBRL Taxonomies
  • Validating and generating XBRL instances
  • Publish report in Word, PDF, EDGAR HTML, XBRL, & iXBRL formats
  • Rollover Disclosure Management Report