Oracle GoldenGate Training (15B)

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Oracle Golden Gate enables the exchange and manipulation of data at the transaction level among multiple, heterogeneous platforms across an enterprise. Its modular architecture provides flexibility, filtering, transformation, and custom processing features of Oracle Golden Gate. Oracle Golden Gate supports numerous business requirements, such as initial load and database migration, data integration, decision support, and data warehousing. Customers can achieve continuous availability for critical systems and real-time data integration, required for swift access to current and accurate data.

In This Module We Will Learn:

1.Technology Overview
2.Describing Oracle Goldengate Process Groups
3.Listing System Requirements
4.Reviewing Configuration Overview
5.Reviewing Extract Overview
6.Review Replicate Overview
7.Reviewing Extract Trails and Files Overview
8.Oracle Goldengate Methods
9.Editing Parameter Files
10.Filtering And Data Selection
11.Configuring And Using Macros
12.Configuring And Using Batchsql
13.Reviewing Bidirectional Considerations
14.Reviewing Data Description Language Replication Overview