Oracle Order Management Training (Fusion Release 13) (17D)

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Oracle Order Management course is designed in a way that it imparts the knowledge and skillset to use Order Management to manage the order fulfilment process, from order entry, through to shipping confirmation and generation of sales invoices through the Auto Invoice process.


Topics – Overview

  • Overview of Order Management and Fulfilment Cloud
  • Order to Cash Flow

Oracle Business Rules and Transformation

  • What is OBR?
  • How to write real-time rules using OBR?
  • Transformation using OBR
  • Types of Transformation
  • Setting Up Transformation

Order Promising Rules

  • Order Promising Rules: Sourcing Rules and ATP Rules
  • Key Order Promising Functionality

Distributed Order Orchestration

  • Orchestration Process Definitions
  • Managing Orchestration Statuses
  • Managing Orchestration Statuses
  • Change Management and Process Assignment
  • Orchestration Process Planning, Deployment and Jeopardy

Processing Constraints, Approvals and Hold Codes

  • Processing Constraint Components
  • Managing Processing Constraints
  • Approvals and Holds

Shipping Concepts

  • Shipping Process Flow
  • Pick Release Process Flow
  • Ship Confirm Process Flow
  • Shipping Basic Setup
  • Shipping Exceptions and Lookups
  • Pick Wave Management and Pick Confirmation
  • Shipment Confirmation and Creating Shipping Rules

Course Content

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