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The Oracle Process Cloud Service (OPCS) training consists of a set of 9 modules and training materials to help you master the OPCS concepts. You start off with learning the basics of PCS and how to create business processes and webforms. Learn to master concepts such as human tasks, third-party integration, business objects, and gateways in PCS. Grasp the dynamic as well as the mix and match process in PCS. This course will enable you to integrate oracle content management cloud and administration tasks in PCS. The training is meticulously crafted by a highly seasoned industry professional with over 5+ years of expertise in the domain.

In This Module We Will Learn :

Basics of Process Cloud Services

  • Introduction to PCS  
  • Provisioning PCS instance 
  • Navigations in PCS
  • Roles in PCS 
  • Composer Vs Workspace 
  • Dynamic Vs Structured Process 
  • Understand the swimlanes in PCS  
  • Assigning roles to users

  • Accessing PCS instance 
  • Understanding spaces in PCS 
  • My Spaces Vs Shared Space 
  • How to create a space and share it with other user/groups 
  • Key Components and building blocks in PCS
  • What is Process Application? 
  • PCS features for Process Application 
  • Tasks performed using Process Application 

Creating Business Process and Webforms

  • Create a first process application using QuickStart App 
  • Understand the basics of QuickStart App, WebForms, and Business Objects  
  • Edit, configure, activate, and test the application
  • Create a PCS application from scratch 
  • Create a PCS WebFrom 

  • Adding new swimlanes to the process 
  • Understanding various Human Tasks  
  • Adding Human tasks to the PCS application
  • Create a process based on message pattern 
  • Create a snapshot of the PCS application 
  • Add multi presentation for a PCS WebForm 
  • Applying different events and validations on a WebFrom

Human Tasks in PCS

  • Understand different types of Human Tasks 
  • Enable notifications & reminders 
  • Set due date, priority, escalation, and expiration options in Human Task 
  • Various email options available in Human Task
  • Customize email templates 
  • Understand and implement approval Hierarchy in Human Task 

Third party Integration with PCS

  • Different types of Integration connectors 
  • Creating and calling REST connectors in Process Cloud 
  • Creating and calling SOAP connectors in Process Cloud 
  • Creating and calling Integration connectors in Process Cloud 
  • Populating Select List and Radio button using external APIs
  • Understand Decision Models 
  • Create and use decision models in PCS 

Business Objects and Gateways in PCS

  • Business Objects in Process Cloud 
  • Creating Business objects and use them to create Webform 
  • Understanding of Gateways in Process Cloud 
  • Demon on Exclusive, Inclusive, and Parallel Gateways 

Dynamic Process in PCS

  • Understand Dynamic Process in PCS 
  • Create a dynamic process in PCS

Mix and Match Process in PCS

  • Developing mix and match process in PCS 
  • Calling a structured process from Dynamic Process 

Integrate Oracle Content Management Cloud with PCS

  • Understanding the Integration between OCM and Process 
  • Configuring settings in Oracle Content and Oracle Process Cloud 
  • Managing documents using OCM of all the Process instances 

Administration tasks in PCS

  • Understanding of Snapshots and import/export applications 
  • Design time administration tasks in PCS
  • Runtime administration tasks in PCS 
  • Activate process applications  
  • Assign users/groups to application roles  
  • Monitoring and Tracking Process instances 

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