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The Oracle Risk Management training prepares you to gain expertise in the Oracle Risk Management Cloud. You will learn to set up and administer RMC–the models, controls, results, analysis, and reports involved in AAC, and the global and path condition. In addition, you will also gain insights on AFC models, controls definition, risks, and process definition. You will comprehend topics such as FRC Overview, controls definition, risks definition, and process definition. By the end of this course, you will learn to perform assessments and risk analyses, and create certificates, surveys, and issues. This training will help you prepare for the Oracle Risk Management Cloud exam and open new opportunities in the Cloud world.

Introduction to RMC

  • Purpose of RMC module
  • Module Features and Navigation

RMC Setup & Administration

  • All Configurations tasks and Functionality of each task
  • RMC Prerequisite Jobs and Reasoning
  • Enabling the RMC Attributes and purpose of the same
  • Seeded Roles for RMC

AAC Overview

  • Segregation of Duties
  • Intra and Inter Role analysis
  • Recommended approach of AAC analysis

AAC Models and Controls

  • Creation of Entitlements
  • Creation of Models
  • Deployment of Controls
  • Business Objects

Global and Path condition

  • Need of Global or Path condition
  • Creating Global condition
  • Creating User Access conditions
  • Adding User access to Global condition

AAC Results and Analysis

  • Running/scheduling the Controls
  • Incident Analysis and different phases
  • Resolving the incidents
  • Creation of Custom OTBI Reports

AAC Reports

  • Oracle delivered reports
  • AAC Subject Areas

AFC Overview

  • Possible scenarios for AFC
  • Business objects of AFC
  • Audit Requirements

AFC Models and Controls

  • Creation of Model
  • Deployment of Controls
  • User/Group assignment
  • Filter conditions of AFC

AFC Patterns

  • Various Patterns of AFC
  • Creation of Model on some of the Patterns
  • Difference between all the patterns and visualization of the results

AFC Results and Analysis

  • Running/scheduling the Controls
  • Incident Analysis and different phases
  • Resolving the incidents

AFC Reports

  • Oracle delivered reports
  • AFC Subject Areas
  • Creation of Custom OTBI Reports

FRC Overview

  • When FRC is Needed
  • Process flow of FRC
  • Setup Activities

Controls Definition

  • Creation of Control
  • Attributes in the creation of Control

Risks Definition

  • Creation of Risk
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation

Process Definition

  • Creation of a Process
  • Attributes in the Process
  • Preparation of Data file to create entire FRC from csv file

Assessments and Risk Analysis

  • Assessment Plan
  • Assessment Template
  • Impromptu Assessment
  • Assessment Batch

Access Certification

  • Entitlement Creation
  • Creation of Certificates
  • Assignment of Manager and Certifier
  • Activities of Manager and Certifier

Surveys,Issues & DFF

  • Creation of Survey Template
  • Creation of Issues for all FRC areas
  • Addition of Custom values
  • User Assignment

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