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Oracle Cloud Technology PAAS Consultant

This path is the best fit for you if:

  • You can understand different integration needs.
  • You are an ERP Developer and are looking to advance further in your career.
  • Programming languages such as PL/SQL and Java are your strengths, or you are willing to learn these.
  • You are familiar with Web services such as SOAP, REST, XML, XSLT, WSDL, etc.
  • Learning about Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is something that interests you.

Learning Outcomes

Build different business processes and analytics.

Build extensions within Oracle ERP such as adding new pages and page customization.

Learn to integrate Oracle ERP with third-party applications.

Learn and automate data migration into Oracle ERP.

Oracle Cloud Paas Developer

Jobs that could come your way

Course Module (PaaS Fundamentals)

Here’s a course that will introduce you to the Oracle PaaS Services domain in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Get insight on the vast cloud platform and databases. Learn how to build and deploy numerous applications with in-demand, next-gen skills and knowledge about Oracle PaaS Services. Developed by an industry expert with over 5+ years of expert…

Course Module (Reporting /Analytics)

This course will cover the core concepts from writing basic PL/SQL code to writing professional PL/SQL code for complex business problems. You will also understand how to write optimised PL/SQL code with many real-time case studies covering different scenarios.

Course Module (Integrations)

Course Module (Visual Applications)

The Visual Builder Cloud Service Training ( VBCS training ) consists of 13 modules and training materials to help you master Oracle VBCS. The VBCS training starts with the basics, business objects, and service connections of VBCS. You will learn to create applications, explore, and develop advanced use cases in VBCS. Moving further you will unde…

Oracle Apex training helps you in developing the skills and knowledge required to build database-centric web applications using Oracle Application Express. With over 5+ years of specialized expertise in the Oracle Apex sector, our training instructor has meticulously crafted the Oracle Apex Training raining to ensure comprehensive mastery of the…

Course Module (Workflows)

The Oracle Process Cloud Service (OPCS) training consists of a set of 9 modules and training materials to help you master the OPCS concepts. You start off with learning the basics of PCS and how to create business processes and webforms. Learn to master concepts such as human tasks, third-party integration, business objects, and gateways in PCS….