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Business Requirement

Many a times there are scenarios where in whenever some specific changes are been made to Employee Record (be it via ESS(Employee Self Service) , MSS(Manager Self Service) or via HR Admin) the details should be send to a specific distribution list.

For example-

Last Name change after marriage. Changes made by employee should be send to a specific team who will generate an authorized letter stating new name. For this the said team should be notified whenever such changes happen.

These kind of notifications/emails were very easy to send in traditional ERP ( E-Business Suite in particular) by writing custom PLSQL programs which used to compare the new and old values of the attributes and then send the output as an attachment to a specific email-id (distribution list).

In a SaaS Environment one does not has the flexibility of using custom PLSQL program but although the technology has changed over the period of time the Business Requirement still remains the same, which means that there still is a need to send the details to the specific set of individuals. This can be accomplished by using a Changes Only HCM Extracts. In a change only HCM Extract we set the “Marked for Changes” property of an Extract Attribute as Checked or Unchecked. If checked than changes made to the data column are reflected in Extract.

Human Capital Management Integration Specialist Job Role is required to create Custom HCM Extracts

Let-us try to demonstrate this with a worked example

Worked Out Example

For this example, we would create a very simple changes only extract which would comprise of the following attributes:

Extract Attributes









We would use the following details to create the HCM Extract

Extract Name

Employee Name Change Extract

Extract Type

Full Profile


  1. Effective Date

  2. Changes Only

User Entity


Threading Database Item

Extract Employee Person ID

Threading Action Type

Object Actions


Once done the HCM Extract definition would appear as below:

Setting Up Email as Delivery Option

We need to do some specific setups to ensure that the HCM Extract Data is send as an attachment to a specific email id.

Choose “Email” as the Delivery Option and fill the following details



Run Time File Name




Email Address

<any valid email-id>


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Message Body

Please find file attached.


The screens when populated will appear as below:

Submitting the Extracts

Next we can submit the extracts using the correct parameters. For this example, we have submitted the Extract with parameter values of Changes Only as ATTRIB_OLD and Effective Date as 10.10.2017


Verifying Results

From the above snapshot we could see that the Extract was successfully submitted and the same got completed too. As a result we should get an email with an attachment.

Notice that the Subject Line, FromEmail, MessageBody and FileName are exactly the same as we mentioned during configuration at the time of defining Extract Delivery Option Additional Details.

If we open the download the attachment we should be able to view the data in XML format too as shown

Ashish Harbhajanka

About the Author

Ashish Harbhajanka


Oracle Fusion HCM Techno Functional Consultant with overall 10 years of Experience in software industry with 5 years in EBS HRMS and rest 5 in Fusion HCM.

My areas of intesrest in Fusion HCM include :

a) Inbound Outbound Integration using FBL/HDL or BIP/HCM Extracts.

b) Fast Formula

c) BIP Reports

d) OTBI Reports

e) RESTFUL API / Web Service Call

f) Functional Setup

g) End to End Testing

h) Regression Testing

i) Preparing COnfiguration Workbooks

j) Creating Speed Solutions

k) Preparing User Guides

l) UPK


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