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This article is intended to provide an overview of Self Service Procurement and how it works.
Self Service Procurement:
Oracle Fusion self-service procurement cloud enables the end user to quickly request for products and services he requires, with minimum support, at the best possible price. The user experiences like shopping online with any e-business portal.  Fusion Self Service Procurement provides online assistance at the point where it is needed. Training videos are available at the click of a mouse. For example, how to place an order with Self Service procurement can be launched right from the home page. Self Service
Procurement Cloud provides intuitive navigation and rich information. It is just like shopping online.
How it works:
Please refer to the below image
Proc 1
There are 3 main areas of the purchase requisition window:
* Search Catalog: There are three types of catalog a) Local Catalog where administrators or suppliers on behalf of the buying organization can upload local catalog content either online or in batch. b) Punchout Catalog which can be a direct link to the store, where the requester searches, shops, and returns items to Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement, and c) Informational Catalog contains instructions or links for ordering other items or services at your company.
In the search area we can enjoy the features of advance search wherein you can type any feature of the product known to you. For example if you don’t know the model number of the laptop but you remember that the laptop has 14’’ screen. In that case you can simply type 14’’ laptop to get the options.
*Browse Catalog: It is used for category browsing. In this area you can sort out in details about your requirements. It also helps in comparing the products along with its features in detail.
*My Requisitions: This keeps an easy tracking of all our activities. Depending on your company’s business process, this will complete your transaction and your requisition will be routed for approval.

Anjan Mukerji

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Anjan Mukerji

Anjan is from Finance background with a very good experience in Financials Systems. Besides his experience of Oracle EBS, his latest passion has been on Oracle Fusion Financials. 

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