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Integration Repository [ iRep ] in Release 11i is perhaps meaningless unless your customer has Oracle SOA Suite and of course unless the developer decides to use the Oracle Apps Adapter in their BPEL flow. 
To work with integration repository in Release 11i, not only you are enforced to use Oracle's Oracle Apps Adapter, but also there is another major restriction in Integration Repository of Release 11i. 
This second limitation exists because the Integration Repository in Release 11i is not extensible. These limitations however are elegantly overcome in Release 12. This article discusses the comparison and R12 SOA features in details.
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  • Guest - Aashay Munshi

    Hi Anil, Thanks for valuable information. Currently we are planning to expose some of the custom interfaces as webservice in R12.0.6. We donot have any SOA server or DMZ. I beleive Oracle XML gateway is the only option since iRep in R12.0.6 is not very helpful. Please can you help us understand how ...
  • Guest - Appana

    Hi.. I am new to XML gateway.. could you plz cnfrm whether we need to have SOA installed to use XML gateway for inbounding.. or directly we can use the XML gateway...
  • Guest - Siri

    Hello Anil, I have been supporting BPEL for 6 months now with zero BPEL back ground (which would explain my struggle). I have few issues I am working now and need help. I tried to create an account in your blog but have been unsuccessful. Please let me know if I can leverage your expertise. Current...
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Asynchronous BPEL Process


A Asynchronous Process is one which you call and need not wait for the response before proceeding further. You may just initiate the Asynchronous process and receive the response when you require it as a part of your process, hence you are not forced to wait for response.

For analogy sake, let me give you an example for better understanding. I have chosen simplicity of the analogy above technical similarity.

Real life example of a Synchronous process: You call a friend and ask him to give you some information. While your friend is finding out the information for you, you are on the call waiting for his response. Note that connection is not dropped

Real life example of an Asynchronous process: You call a friend and ask him to give you some information. You ask him to call you back when the information is ready and you disconnect the call. When your friend is ready with the information, he calls you and gives you the information. Note that you don’t wait for a response from your friend and connection is lost. When your friend is ready, he has to establish a new connection and then provide you the information

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  • Guest - ArunkumarD

    Great tutorial. Thanks a lot.
  • Guest - ArunkumarD

    Great tutorial.. Thanks a lot.
  • Guest - Azi

    hi , thanks for your guide please help me , how do call a async BPEL From ADF (JSF page) thanks
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Synchronous BPEL Process Tutorial

A Synchronous BPEL Process is one which you call and wait for the reply before proceeding further.

This is used in real time processing of services.

Anil has done an excellent job in making us create a HelloWorld.

I have created a similar HelloWorld for our use.

We will call the same HelloWorld process created earlier. As this process gives us a reply in real time, this can be used as a synchronous process.


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Recent comments

  • Guest - Sadish

    Great Job sudeep !! keep going!! all the best !! Sadish
  • Guest - chandra7

    Hi Sudeep, Wonderful Explanation and Demonstartion. Great Dude!!!! THnaks, Chandra_ ...
  • Guest - ramkumar

    Hi Sudeep, It is very arcticle to understand Bpel process. regards Ramkumar
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Packtpub is a publishing house based in UK. They recently published a book on BPEL/BPMN. Please find a sample chapter from their book attached. In case you wish to purchase this book, please visit their website linked here or order this book from Amazon.com.
The sample chapter from this book cab be read from this link


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Recent comments

  • Guest - Tom Bauer

    The new BPMN book by Grosskopf, Decker and Weske is a pretty good start for BPMN newbies. It uses a novel-like style to introduce the notation and the process of process modeling. Check it out at http://www.bpmn-book.com
  • Guest - caspsandeep

    Hi while reading this post,the question an raised in my mind.. Does this mean,BPEL will be soon replaced by BPMN ?
  • Guest - Roger Taylor

    The book you are mentioning is titled [url]http://www.packtpub.com/business-process-driven-SOA-using-BPMN-and-BPEL/book[/url] Business Process Driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL written by Matjaz Juric and Kapil Pant. Pretty good read for understanding concepts of business process modeling using BPMN an...
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We are pleased to announce Oracle BPEL Training, which is a very hot skill in marketplace.

This training will be very hands on & interactive, similar to our OA Framework and Apps DBA Trainings.

Topics covered in this BPEL training include all the aspects which a Oracle BPEL Developer uses in day to day job.

The full contents of this training are posted below.


Training will happen on weekends of September 20, 21, 27, 28 [In total 4 Days]

Fee for this 4 Days training

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  • Guest - shashikant

    Hi, I would like to pursue my career as a Oracle BPEL . So please provide me guide line for the same.
  • Guest - kutty

    I have just started learning FUSION. Its a great site.
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