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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (Oracle Fusion HCM) is built to help an organization know its people better; in team-building, and in getting things done the right way. Designed and developed on Oracle Fusion Middleware, it includes best-of-its-kind functionality sourced from existing Oracle Applications’ Unlimited product lines like PeopleSoft and e-Business Suite.


 By the end of this training you will learn to:

Extracts Architecture

Extracts Terminology : User Entities, Routes, Database Items, Data Groups, Records, Data Elements

Different types of records and data elements.

How to use formulas in hcm extracts.

Delivery options and BIP Integration.

Fast Formulas in Detail.

Create a sample Extract Definition

How to build BIP Reports in Fusion : Data Model and RTF Templates

How to migrate data using spread sheet loader.

How to migrate data using file based loader in detail : dat files, packaging, setup.

A sample Load using FBL

Comparision between Spreadsheet loader and FBL.

Cloud Customization in detail.

Approval Process i.e., work flows in fusion : Approval Structure, Approver Types,Approver Groups, Manage Approval Transaction for HCM, BPM Worklist

A sample workflow.

Fusion Security in detail.

Course Contents

Day 1


Extracts Terminology : Database Items, Database Item Groups,Routes, User Entities, etc.,

Tasks Related to Extracts

Extract Definitions
A Basic Extract Definition
Extract Parameters
Extract Blocks
Extract Block Links
Extract Records
Extract Data Elements
Extract Validation
Running Extracts

Day 2

Creating a sample Extract

Extract Records in Details
Extract Data Elements in Details
Use of Fast Formulas in Extracts
Extract Delivery Options

Day 3

BI Publisher and Reporting

BI Process Flow

Data Models
Data Sources
BI Publisher Architecture
Template Examples



Extensibility and Personalization Overview

Steps for Personalizations
Sandbox Manager
Customization Layers
Editing Pages
Managing Customizations
Rolling Back, Downloading, and Uploading

Day 4

HCM Data Loader

Key Features of HCM Data Loader
Security Considerations
Roles Required for Performing HCM Data Loader Activities
HCM Data Loader Data Flow
Who Can Load Data Using HCM Data Loader
Supported Key Types
Object References
Key Resolution Sequence
Oracle Fusion Business-Object Structure
Zip File Structure
Dat File Structure
File Line Instruction Tags
File Discriminators
Line Structure
Line Ordering
Metadata Line Validation
Data Line Validation
Preparing the Source Data
Reviewing and Cleansing the Source Data
Defining Referenced Oracle Fusion HCM Objects
Reviewing Lists of Values (LOVs)
Preparing the Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Environment
Specifying the HCM Data Loader Scope
Defining Your Source Owner
Reviewing Enterprise Settings
Objects in Multiple Languages
Review HCM Data Loader Configuration Parameters
Supported Business Objects
Reviewing Business Objects
Supplied Business-Object Documentation
Generating and Modifying Template Files

Day 5

Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications

Approval Policies
Approver Types
Manage Approval Groups for Human Capital Management
Approval Structure
Oracle BPM Worklist
Approval Rules

Security in Fusion HCM

Role Types and Role Inheritance in Fusion Apps
HCM Security Profile Types
Tips for customizing security in Oracle Fusion HCM
Assign Security Profiles to roles
Automated User Account Creation in Oracle Identity Manager from Fusion HCM
Data roles in Fusion HCM


Training Hours

Start Date:

Duration: 5 Days

Training Schedule: 

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 07:00AM EST | 4:00AM PST | 6:00AM CST | 5:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1


Configuration Consultant

Configuration Implementer

End Users

Functional Implementer

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Technical Administrator

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