Should you learn multiple cloud technologies or specialise in just one ?

Building a career in cloud technologies?

Here is food for thought

Hashicorp’s recent State of Cloud Strategy Survey found that 76% of employers are already using multiple clouds in some fashion, with more than 50% flagging a lack of skills among their employees as a top challenge to survival in the cloud.

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Why should you consider it?  

  • Technology is a broad field that evolves rapidly, and it is almost impossible for technologists to learn a single technology and stay relevant. 
  • Apps2Fusion’s subscription-based platform enables you to learn the latest cloud technologies such as Oracle Cloud, Azure, Google, AWS, and ML.
  • You gain knowledge across various business functions such as financials, human capital management, supply chain, project management, inventory management, debt management. procurement, payables processes, etc.

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Industry Speak

Forrest Brazeal, Head of Content at Google Cloud mentioned in one of his articles that expanding your scope of professional fluency to at least two of the three major US cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure) opens up some unique, future-optimized career options. It’s safe to say that learning more than one technology is the need of the hour for technologists worldwide.

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