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Shashank Goel 

Principal Consultant | LinkedIn

My major experience has been in Oracle technologies, my initial experience was in Oracle ERP. During my transition from an on-premise role to a cloud technology role, I needed a platform to learn cloud technologies, I was very familiar with the way Apps2Fusion’s cloud training explains concepts as I had already seen their free videos, blogs, and the trainers. Apps2Fusion gave me a complete package of understanding of both functional and technical aspects of cloud technologies, and how the technical aspects applies to the overall business, Apps2Fusion has a lot of relatable and elaborative content.

Muskan Dhingra

HCM Consultant | LinkedIn

I had no idea of the role in the beginning. I didn’t know what Oracle was, how to work with Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), or what a Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant should really be doing. That’s where Apps2Fusion came in. I started with basic ERP fundamentals course, and carried on from there. It gave me a solid foundation, and helped me build expertise Oracle HCM. I still go back to the training materials whenever I have a doubt.

Shyamolie Shrivastav

Functional Consultant | LinkedIn

I currently work with Fusion Practices as a Functional Consultant. I provide consultation services on Oracle Property Manager which is used for the purpose of lease management. To get here I had to train myself on various modules of Oracle and understand how they are linked to each other. I kept going back to the training videos on A2F whenever I faced any challenges in understanding fundamental Oracle concepts.

Amanpreet Bhatia

Azure Developer | LinkedIn

As more businesses flock to Microsoft Azure, demand for skilled cloud professionals is only going to increase. Right now, there’s nowhere near enough Azure talent around to fill the increasing number of roles in the market, being a relatively new technology. Companies are battling to find the best candidates, driving up wages in the process, and putting those with the skills to do the job in a very comfortable position.

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