Oracle Fusion Fundamentals Training (Fusion Release 13) (22A)

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This course gives you an introduction to the host of Oracle Fusion applications, architectural design, and important components. You will also learn the basics of Oracle Fusion applications such as ERP, EPM, SCM and HCM. 

ERP Fundamentals

  • ERP and History
  • What is ERP
  • How has it evolved

ERP Products

  • Available products in market, what is the difference between each of them and how different is each other
  • Benefits of Oracle and its product

Business Process

  • What is business process and its effect in Organization

Deliveries and Roles in an Organization

  • What are the types of IT project
  • Different flows in IT sector
  • Role of you as a consultant

Modules of ERP

  • Different modules of ERP
  • Products in each module

Middleware Concepts

  • What is a middleware
  • What are the different middlewares in Oracle
  • Benefits of Middleware

On Premise vs Cloud Concepts

  • What is On Premise and Cloud
  • Compare On Premise and Cloud
  • Types of cloud and its usage

Employee Lifecycle

  • Employee lifecycle in an organization
  • Levels of employee in the system
  • Modules in Fusion

Introduction to Fusion Concepts

  • Fusion Application Demo
  • Basic navigation in Fusion Application
  • Application version and role usage