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Designed by a highly accomplished Oracle industry instructor/trainer with over 10 years of expertise in Oracle Project Portfolio Management domain, the Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Training (Release 13) (20D), course/training delivers a meticulously curated learning experience, ensuring you gain comprehensive proficiency in the intricate realm of Oracle Project Portfolio Management.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Project Execution Management Functional Setup training is designed to practice the accuracy of performance of tasks required to set up Project Execution Management in Functional Setup Manager. The training module covers the implementation of Oracle Fusion Project Management, Oracle Fusion Task Management, and Oracle Fusion Project Resource Management

In This Module We Will Learn

PPM Components

  • Fusion Project Foundation
  • Fusion Project Costing
  • Fusion Project Control
  • Project Contracts
  • Fusion Project Billing
  • Fusion Project Performance Reporting
  • Fusion Project Resource Management Overview
  • Fusion Project and Task Management Overview
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Projects

Fusion PPM Implementation Training

  • Overview of Fusion PPM
  • Overview of Functional Setup Manager for Projects
  • Users & Security
  • Common Applications Configuration for Projects
  • Common Projects Configuration

Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud Overview

  • Defining Common Project Financial Management Options
  • Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) over view for PFM
  • Defining Common Options for Project Financial Management
  • Defining Common Application Configuration for PFM
  • Project Implementation Administrator
  • Defining the Implementation Project for PPM
  • User Roles and Provisioning
  • Project Financial Management Roles and elaboration
  • Defining Enterprise structure and Project Organizations
  • Defining Business Units and Project Units
  • Classifying Organizations to Own Projects and Tasks or Incur Costs on a Project

Defining Project Foundation Configuration

  • Defining Expenditure Types
  • Defining Class Categories and Codes
  • Defining Project Resources (People (Labor), Equipment(Non- Labor),financial elements)
  • Defining Rate Schedules
  • Defining Costing Rules
  • Defining Planning Resource Breakdown structure
  • Defining Project Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Defining Burdening
  • Defining Burden Cost Codes, Burden Structure, Burden Schedule
  • Manage Project Types
  • Creating the Project Templates

Defining Project Costing & Controls Configuration

  • Defining Transaction Source
  • Defining Labor rates
  • Defining Non-Labor Organization and its Rates
  • Defining Costing Overrides for the Organization
  • Defining a project plan types
  • Defining a Financial Plan Types

Defining Project Contract & Billing Configuration

  • Creating Event Types
  • Creating Revenue Methods
  • Creating the Invoice Methods
  • Creating the Invoice Formats
  • Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration
  • Define Key Performance Indicators

Defining Common Project Execution Options

  • Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) Overview
  • Defining Common Project Execution Options
  • Project Implementation Administrator
  • Using an Implementation Project
  • User Provisioning
  • Project Management Roles
  • Defining Project Resource Calendars
  • Creating Project Enterprise Resources

Project Execution Management Overview

  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud
  • Project Execution Management

Defining Project Management Configuration

  • Managing the Project Plan
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Work Plan Templates
  • Managing Work for Team Members
  • Defining Project Management Implementation Options
  • Managing Deliverables
  • Collaboration on Project Team Using Oracle Social Network
  • Managing Project Integration

Managing Requirements for Agile Projects

  • Defining Project Requirement Configuration
  • Managing Agile Product Development
  • Managing Project Requirements
  • Managing Backlog Items
  • Reporting on Agile Projects
  • Managing Products and Product Families
  • Managing Sprints, Releases, and Milestones
  • Managing Project Requirement Statuses

Defining Project Resource Management Configuration

  • Defining Project Resource Management Configuration
  • Project Resource Management Implementation Options
  • Defining Attributes for Employees and Contingent Workers in Human Capital
  • Defining Talent Profile Content
  • Defining Project Enterprise Labor Resources
  • Managing Resource Pools
  • Managing Target Utilization Percentages
  • Managing Custom Attributes for Project Resource Requests
  • Project Execution Management Lifecycle Practices
  • Project Execution Lifecycle Practices

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