Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OICS) Training (22B)

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The Oracle Integration Cloud Service training ( OIC training ) is an extensive course that will help you prepare for the Oracle Integration Cloud certification. You learn concepts such as SaaS, REST, and SOAP services along with introduction to Integrations & OIC. Further master  OIC integrations components, near real-time integration flows, and SFTP & Database Connections. Comprehend key elements such as event based Integrations & Outbound Flow, 
FBDI & Inbound Integration Flow, and
Callback Integrations, Migrations & Scheduling in OIC. The Oracle Integration cloud training enables you to gain expertise with the help of the right mix of training and lab work.

Overview of SaaS

  • Overview of SaaS
  • Product vs SaaS Companies  
  • What is an ERP  
  • ERP Applications & Competitors  
  • Basic ERP Implementation Flow 

Introduction to Web Services

  • Overview of Web Services
  • Characteristics of Web Services
  • Types of Web Services
  • SOAP vs REST
  • Mostly used data representation formats 

Introduction to Integrations & OIC

  • Introduction to Integrations
  • Types of Integration Flows
  • Fusion Applications Integration Techniques
  • Introduction to OIC
  • Components of OIC
  • Integrations in OIC  

OIC Integrations Components 

  • Adapters & Connections in OIC
  • Integration Types in OIC
  • Integration Orchestration Activities
  • Lab 1 – Use Case Flow – Create a REST Connection & app-based integration flow
  • Lab 1 – Exercise – Create a REST Connection & app-based integration flow 

Near Real-time Integration Flows 

  • Introduction to Near-Real time Integration
  • Lab 2 – Use Case Flow – Create a near real-time outbound
  • Integration flow
  • Lab 3 – Use Case Flow – Create a near real-time inbound
  • Integration flow

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