Oracle SQL Training (22A)

$99.00 for 6 months

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The Oracle SQL (Structured Query Language) is one of the most popularly used database management systems the world over. The Oracle SQL course contains a set of 12 topics and training materials to help you master the Oracle SQL database management system. Initially, you will get a complete introduction to Oracle SQL by understanding databases, DBMS, RDBMS, and more. In the first half of the course, you will learn how to retrieve data with the use of various techniques, work with DLL and DML commands, how to add, declare, enable, and disable integrity constraints and also the different types of single-row functions, and how to use them plus how to work with multi-row functions. Moving further, you will understand how to work with different aggregate functions, know the uses and types of JOINS, use SET operators, work with pseudo columns, and the importance and usage of different subqueries. By the end of this course, you will get to know how to use different aspects of Database Transaction and Security and finally the design of schema objects. This Oracle SQL training covers all the major topics which will help you prepare for the Oracle SQL certification exams and open new opportunities in the world of Oracle SQL


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