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The Oracle EPM Fundamentals course/training is meticulously crafted by a highly seasoned industry professional with over 5+ years of expertise in the Oracle EPM domain. The Oracle EPM fundamentals training covers essential topics to help you prepare for the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management certifications. You learn how to create an application in Enterprise Planning Cloud, configure financials, and navigate Enterprise Planning Cloud. Further, you will gain an in-depth understanding of importing and exporting Metadata, importing data from data files, loading data using data management, and entering revenue and expenses in Financials. You will also comprehend key elements such as setting up balance sheet and cash flow assumptions, maintaining applications, creating users and groups, assigning artifact access, and migrating application artifacts.

Overview of Enterprise Performance Management – Planning

  • Describe the key features of Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud and identify its business processes
  • Explain the Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud implementation process
  • Identify how to access the cloud environment
  • Discuss the utilities and tools that integrate with Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud 

Creating an Application in Enterprise Planning Cloud

  • Describe elements on the landing page
  • Create an application for Enterprise Planning Cloud
  • Describe components on the home page
  • Explain how navigation flows are applied 

Configuring Financials

  • Explain the key features available within Financials
  • Configure Revenue, Expenses, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow
  • Define the time frame and granularity
  • Set up global assumptions
  • Review the enabled feature

Navigating Enterprise Planning Cloud

  • Navigate the home page
  • Set user variables
  • Review the Financials cluster
  • Navigate application elements

Importing and Exporting Metadata

  • Identify metadata load options
  • Load metadata
  • Export metadata 

Importing Data from Data Files

  • Load data with a flat file
  • Download data load templates
  • Export data
  • View data import and export status
  • Launch business rules

Loading Data Using Data Management 

  • Define import formats
  • Create locations to import data to specific locations
  • Define data load mappings
  • Create data load rules
  • Import data 

Entering Revenue and Expenses in Financials

  • Navigate and perform actions on forms
  • Save and refresh data
  • Enter driver- and trend-based revenue
  • Directly enter revenue

Entering Revenue and Expenses in Financials

  • Review the income statement
  • Enter driver- and trend-based expenses
  • Directly enter expenses
  • Review expenses on the income statement 

Setting Up Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Assumptions

  • Set up balance sheet drivers
  • Define rolling forecast criteria
  • Directly enter balance sheet data
  • Set up cash flow assumptions
  • Enter indirect cash flow
  • Review integrated data 

Maintaining Applications

  • Move data using Smart Push
  • Modify mapping criteria
  • Update configuration tasks 

Creating Users and Groups

  • Create users
  • Assign roles to a user
  • Create groups

Assigning Artifact Access

  • Describe the process of assigning access
  • Explain permission types
  • Assign access to artifacts

Migrating Application Artifacts

  • Import and export metadata and data
  • Explain the migration status of artifacts 

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