Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service (21B)

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This course will introduce you to the Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service and its key concepts.

In This Module We Will Learn :

RMC Overview

  • RMCS Overview and Introduction 
  • ASC 606/IFRS 15
  • RMCS Architecture  
  • Allocation/Apportioning  
  • Application Navigation  

Key Principles in RMCS

  • RMCS – 5 Key Principles
  • Customer Contracts Definition  
  • Identify Customer Contracts in RMCS  
  • Performance Obligation Definition  
  • Transaction Price and SSP  
  • Allocation using SSP
  • Recognize Revenue (Performance Obligation Satisfaction)

Managing Contracts and Revenue

  • Satisfaction Events Generation  
  • Entering Revenue via FBDI  
  • Importing Revenue Data into RMCS
  • Contract Modification  
  • Discard Contracts  
  • Correct Contract Documents Errors

Concept of SSP and Managing SSP

  • Pricing Dimension
  • PDS and SSP  
  • SSP Profile  
  • Create SSP  
  • Manage SSP  
  • OSSP and ESSP 

Integration in RMCS

  • Integration with EBS  
  • AR System Options Setup  
  • EBS Extraction Programs  
  • RMCS programs
  • Integration with Third-Party Application  
  • RMCS Outbound to EBS  
  • Technical Overview 

Configuration in RMCS

  • Source System
  • RMCS DFF  
  • Items  
  • Source Document Types  
  • Revenue System Options  
  • Contract Identification rules
  • Performance Obligation Identification Rules  
  • Performance Satisfaction Plans 

Configuration in RMCS

  • Pricing Dimension Structure  
  • Pricing Dimension Assignment
  • Effective Periods  
  • Create SSP  
  • Manage SSP

Contract Creation and Review in RMCS

  • Entering Revenue via FBDI
  • Importing Revenue Data into RMCS  
  • Contract Creation and review  
  • Accounting in RMCS 

Seeded Report

  • Key RMCS Reports
  • OTBI Report 

Course Content

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