Skill Bytes (December 2023): Your monthly dose of must-know cloud trends

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In this year’s final edition of Skill Bytes, immerse yourself in a wealth of captivating and trending cloud-centric content. These insights will not only inspire but also leave you hungry for more!

Popular Videos/Blogs in this edition of SKILL BYTES are

Introduction to Oracle Grants Management 

Gain insights into the fundamental overview of Grants Management, including its features, prerequisites, and the concept of Business Process within Grants Management.

An Essential Guide to Advancing Your Finance Career with Oracle Fusion Financials

Looking to boost your finance career in the new year? Start with our blog – your perfect guide to success!

Modules in Oracle Risk Management

Dive into the dynamic world of Oracle Risk Management and unravel the essence of Application Security in this enlightening video – your gateway to a safer, smarter, and more secure digital landscape awaits!

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