Preparing Your Cloud Skills for 2024: A Year-End Checklist 

As the new year approaches, so does a tidal wave of opportunity in the cloud computing realm. With demand for professionals with advanced cloud skills skyrocketing, 2024 promises to be a defining year for those ready to ride the cloud wave. But are you equipped with the necessary cloud skills to navigate this dynamic landscape? Fear not, aspiring cloud warriors! This comprehensive checklist will equip you with the essential cloud skills and knowledge to dominate the cloud in the coming year, regardless of your chosen platform. 

Preparing Your Cloud Skills for 2024: A Year-End Checklist 

Mastering the Big Three (and beyond)

AWS, Azure, and GCP: These industry giants hold immense power. Familiarise yourself with their core services (S3, EC2, Lambda for AWS; Azure Blob Storage, Virtual Machines, Functions for Azure; Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Cloud Functions for GCP) and explore deeper into specific areas like containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), serverless computing (Lambda, Functions), and security (IAM, Azure AD, GCP IAM). 

Oracle Cloud Skills

  • OCI Essentials: Build a strong foundation with core services like Compute, Networking, Storage, and IAM. 
  • Oracle Cloud Applications: Dive into Oracle’s robust suite of ERP, CRM, HCM, and EPM solutions, and specialize in areas like Oracle Analytics Cloud or HCM. 
  • Oracle Autonomous Services: Harness the power of self-driving technology with Autonomous Database, Autonomous Linux, and Autonomous Transaction Processing. 

Sharpening Your Cloud Skills for Peak Performance 

  • Go Beyond the Basics: Dive deeper into automation with IaC tools like Terraform and CloudFormation. 
  • Soft Skills Matter: Hone your communication and collaboration skills to thrive in cloud teams. 
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keep an eye on emerging trends like edge computing, AI, and the rise of multi-cloud environments. 

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Validate Your Expertise and Build Your Brand 

By following this comprehensive checklist, you’ll be well-positioned to: 

  • Stand out in the competitive cloud talent pool, regardless of your preferred platform. 
  • Command top salaries as a cloud expert. 
  • Future-proof your career with in-demand skills. 

Remember, the cloud journey is a continuous learning process. Embrace the challenge, stay curious, and consistently sharpen your skills. With dedication and the right roadmap, you’ll dominate the cloud in 2024 and beyond! 

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