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Finance being an integral part in the SAP ERP plays a significant role in cross module integration. The processes are intervened and connected to different modules to avoid redundancy of data entry and taking advantage of the ERP system in their daily process. Helping an organization in optimizing resources. Financials need to be updated only in certain business steps and not throughout the Organizational proceedings. Inter-module integration hence helps in smooth running of the business thro...Read More
Organisational Structure In "SAP ERP and comparison to Oracle EBS"
SAP ERP provides its customers with various modules to cater its business requirements. SAP Finance being one of the highly integrated modules runs through all the other modules. To Map the system with our business requirement firstly we need to understand the definition of the SAP FI organizational Structure and its overall usage and purpose. After understanding the same we can be in a position to decide which of the organizational hierarchy units do we need to use and not. ...Read More
CONTROLLING: Controlling CO is an independent module in SAP ERP system. It has its own master data, data tables, configuration, processes, allocations, derivation, assessment, settlements, integration with other modules etc. Controlling provides you with information for management decision-making. It facilitates coordination, monitoring and optimization of all processes in an organization. This involves recording of both consumption of production factors and services as well as documenting actu...Read More
The Various Modules provided by SAP ERP consists of an Organizational hierarchy to help its customers map its business structure in the system. FI is mapped in the system considering its internal and external reporting requirements. Likewise, Material Management has its own organizational elements, Sales Distribution has its own set of elements and so on. It helps creating diversity amongst modules and also by mapping these units to each other we can achieve integration at the same time. We can ...Read More
Cross-Modular Integration(FI-MM)
SAP As an ERP facilitates its customers to cover all business processes.Simple processes and complex processes. Organizational Business transactions are available in SAP standard functionality, which can be customized and configured as per our industry and Company specifics. Higher the level of integration easier is the mapping of these economical business situations. SAP has Various Modules and they are integrated with each other as a system. Various SAP Functional Modules provided by SAP are: ...Read More
Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite
Introduction to Oracle E-Business suite: Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) version R12 is an internet enabled product that can be managed from the single site. A company can operate a single data centre with single database, similar to the ERP products. This release was launched in Feburary 2007 and contains number of product lines which users can implement for their business. Oracle EBS includes the company's enterprise resource planning(ERP) product as well as supply chain management (SCM) and cu...Read More
Creating an OTBI Analysis with a filter criteria based on another analysis
Introduction By now we all are aware of what a OTBI Analysis is and how the same needs to be created. In case you havent no issues you may refer to some of the articles below: OTBI Fusion Reporting In this article we would try to demonstrate some advanced techniques which involves referring one analysis to meet a specific filter condition. The Business Requirement is to create a OTBI Analysis which would display the details of a Work Relationship Record which has the latest start date. This...Read More
Modifying Date Format of a BIP Parameter
Introduction For all those from a EBS background we have been accustomed to submitting a XMLP Report from SRS Window which gives us the privilege of using a custom Data Type Value set in a Concurrent Program Parameter where-in we can enforce end users to pass Date values in a specific format. It may be dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, dd-mon-yyyy or any other date format. In standalone BI Publisher or even the same which is embedded within another application (say Oracle Fusion Application f...Read More
An Overview of Approval Rules in Fusion Profile Management
Introduction Profile management provides a framework for developing and managing talent profiles that meet your industry or organizational requirements. Profiles summarize the qualifications and skills of a person or a workforce structure such as a job or position. Profiles are valuable for tracking workers' skills, competencies, and accomplishments, and for various talent management activities, such as career planning, identifying training needs, performance management, and in the recruitment...Read More
Oracle Fusion Inventory and Cost Management Training
Oracle Fusion Inventory Management is a complete materials management solution that enables companies to successfully manage inbound logistics, inventory, and outbound logistics. This ensures that the flow of material, along with any associated storage, is optimized to meet customer demand in a cost-effective manner. Fusion Cost Management, an advanced cost accounting solution, helps companies better manage product costing and inventory accounting business flows. ...Read More

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