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Manage Review Cycle Using Process Management in oracle HFM- Demo
Process Control allows an HFM user to review, promote, submit, approve, and reject financial data. Process units organize data, which is defined by the combination of Scenario, Year, Period, and Entity. The review cycle in Process Management allows the data to move through a series of process states.The promotion of the data can be done within FDM, after the submission of the data through the four fish process. Within HFM, there is a Process Control module from which the status of the process un...Read More
Manage Rules in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)- Demo
You create rules for Financial Management in a unique script, which is based on the Microsoft VBScript language. Rules are constructed through the combination of functions, objects, and other arguments to generate the desired scripting syntax. Within each routine, you use two types of functions to write rules:ēFinancial Management functions that define calculationsēVBScript functions that are used to write conditional statements ...Read More
Difference between OBIEE 11g and 10g in Oracle- Demo
Apart from major architectural differences, OBIEE 11g has several new features that were not available in 10g.Some of the key features include:Supports creating hierarchy objects in Subject AreaExport to xml or export to tab delimited/ and power point11g lets variable have multiple values11g RPD cannot be without a password 11g supports ragged hierarchiesColumn selector in 11g can be defined on multiple columns, compared to just one column in 10g. † This video demonstrates the difference betwe...Read More
Manage Member Lists in Oracle HFM (Hyperion Financial Management)- Demo
Member lists enable you to specify a subset of members within a dimension, and can reduce the time spent browsing the hierarchy of members. For example, if Italy, France, and UK are used frequently in the point of view for the Entity dimension, you can create a member list named European Region that includes the frequently used members. You can then select a European member from this list instead of browsing through the entire hierarchy of the Entity dimension.System-defined member lists are ge...Read More
Create Time Card in Oracle Fusion Time and Labor OTL- Demo
You assign timecard layouts to your workers using the Timecard Layout preference. The layout determines the fields that they can enter, how the fields are arranged on the page, and the instruction text that they see. You can define as many layout styles as you require. For each layout style, you need several specific layouts:-Timecard Layout, for time entry-Review and Confirmation Layout, for reviewing entries before submission and confirming the entries after submission.-For employees with the ...Read More
Conditional Formatting Feature in OTBI Analysis in ERP Cloud Application - Use Case Example
Introduction In this article, we will try to learn how to apply conditional formatting on a specific data-field of an OTBI Analysis. We would make this a little more exciting by adding images and colors also to make the report more eye-catching and attractive. We would create a very simple OTBI Analysis, which will have details like Legal Employer Name Country Location Name Head Count Full-Time Equivalent Assignment Count Resource Utilization Factor Not...Read More
Load Metadata Files in Oracle HFM (Hyperion Financial Management) - Demo
When you load a metadata file, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management replaces metadata with new metadata from the load file. Replacement is useful for making minor changes to the metadata, such as adding an account. For example, if your application includes a North America entity, and you load entities from a metadata file, the attributes for the North America entity in the file replace the attributes for the North America entity in the application.the system waits for other tasks such as consoli...Read More
An Overview of Oracle ERP HCM Cloud Application Release 12 Global HR New Features
var msg="Opps..We Donot allow to copying the copyrighted material !"; // DISABLE MOUSE RIGHT CLICK function clickExplorer() { if( document.all ) { alert('Stop copying the copyrighted material1!'); } return false; } function clickOther(e) { if( document.layers || ( document.getElementById && !document.all ) ) { if ( e.which == 2 || e.which == 3 ) { alert(msg); return false; } } } if( document.layers ) { document.captureEvents( Event.MOUSEDOWN ...Read More
Oracle Fusion Revenue Management Application Training
This course is appropriate for all members of the implementation team and is intended to give students a broad understanding of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management and its capabilities. Students will be exposed to a high-level view of the systems real-time and high-performance batch architecture. The BRM Functional Overview class will also introduce students to the Revenue Management Lifecycle as students create test accounts and perform basic maintenance tasks using the client ...Read More
Manage Dimensions in Oracle HFM (Hyperion Financial Management)- Demo
Dimensions describe an organizations data and usually contain groups of related members. Examples of dimensions are Account, Entity, and Period. Financial Management supplies eight system-defined dimensions and enables you to populate up to four custom dimensions that you can apply to accounts. Dimension members are arranged in hierarchies. Upper-level members are called parent members, and a member immediately below a parent member is referred to as the child of a parent member. All members bel...Read More

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